The Official Hategame.

So, I was over at Pride of Detroit, and they had a game about hating on other teams. It's part of a series of threads on SBN that I think started on Music City Miracles. Anyway, here's the gist of it:

Every other NFL team starts with 32 points. Every day (day being a calendar day starting at midnight Central time) you have two actions. An action being the ability to take a point away from a team (a kill) or add a point to a team (a save). These actions can both be on the same team (i.e.: you can take two points away [double kill] from the Vikings in a single day). Once a team reaches zero, they get moved to the graveyard, and are next on the list of Packer fans hated teams (and can no longer be voted up or down).






Updated through: Zundar on Mar 11, 2011 12:05 PM CST

Cle Browns: 34
KC Chiefs: 34
Buf Bills: 33
Hou Texans: 33
Jac Jaguars: 32
NO Saints
SF 49ers: 32
Car Panthers: 30
Pit Steelers: 30
StL Rams: 30
Ari Cardinals: 29
Atl Falcons: 29
Det Lions: 29
SD Chargers: 29
Bal Ravens: 28
Mia Dolphins: 28
Oak Raiders: 28
Ten Titans: 28
Cin Bengals: 27
Sea Seahawks: 27
Ind Colts: 20
Was Redskins: 17
NY Jets: 16
NY Giants: 9
TB Buccaneers: 9

1. Min Vikings: Officially killed by Clutch16 34 hours & 32 minutes into competition.
2. Chi Bears: Officially killed by wibrownguy 3 days & 8 minutes into competition.
3. Dal Cowboys: Officially killed by I voted for Kodos 6 minutes short of 5 days into competition.
4. NE Patriots:
Officially killed by Wiedmann 5 days & 17 minutes into competition.
5. Den Broncos: Officially killed by Zundar 6 days, 1 hour & 36 minutes into competition.
6. Phi Eagles: Officially killed by wibrownguy 8 days, 3 hours & 21 minutes into competition.


A few rules:

1. True Packer fans only. If you're a Seahawks fan who has an affinity for the Pack, that's nice, but this should be restricted to primary fandom only. Each SBNation site should have one of these going (at least that's the plan), so hate on the one of your respective team. If there's not one on their site, start one!
2. Two actions per calendar day. Please police yourself. I'll try to catch people who do, but I'd really like to not have to do that. I know we all got hate, but release it in a cathartic way every 24 hours.
3. I would prefer that the primary (non-indented) posts would be votes. It will be much easier to tally votes this way. Replies of +1 are ambiguous (do you just agree, or is that counted as your vote?)

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