Reaction: Packers 4th Round Pick, New Mexico State CB Davon House

Ted Thompson, General Manager of the Green Bay Packers, elected to trade the 32nd pick of the 4th round in order to get a mid 5th round pick (UPDATE: That pick is D.J. Williams, TE, Arkansas). So, with the 34th pick of the 4th round, the Green Bay Packers selected Davon House, a cornerback from New Mexico State University. Dom Capers, talking about recent Packers draftee Davon House...

We like his skill set. Has height, weight and speed that we look for. Can’t ever have enough corner type guys that can go out and cover. Fortunate to have Sam Shields surface last year. Think Davon has type of skill set we look for.


We press a lot with our cornerbacks. He can play outside and inside. Woodson has been primary guy we move inside with 5 DBs. We like guys that are versatile because we move our guys around a lot.


We think he has good ball skills. Think he’ll fit in with skill set of our DBs. We have DBs that can take the ball away.

House sounds like a very solid selection, if he's already getting glowing reviews from one of the top defensive backs coaches in the NFL.

Overview of House, from the NFL Combine...

House is a physical corner that excels in press coverage, and could develop into a starter in a Cover-2 scheme. He uses his big strong hands to jar receivers on the line of scrimmage and he can flip his hips and run. He also shows the ability to anticipate routes in zone and has enough speed to close with the ball in the air. However, he is a bit stiff in transition and will struggle to mirror receivers on double moves. His ultra-aggressive style of play makes him vulnerable to ball fakes and he will probably be flagged often. House looks like a middle round pick.

House's Strengths, according to the Combine...

House is a big physical corner. Delivers a good press at the line to reroute receivers. Reads quarterback's eyes in zone coverage and shows the ability to anticipate routes. Possesses big hands and good timing to knock away passes. Flashes a mean streak and is a willing tackler in run support.

House's Weaknesses, according to the Combine...

Lacks elite recovery speed and the hip fluidity to consistently stick with shiftier wide receivers in man coverage. Over confident at times and can get burned by play action. A step slow reacting to the play and struggles to disengage from blockers. Physical play could result in a lot of flags at the next level.

Welcome to Green Bay, Davon House.

What do you think of this pick?

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