Debating the Top 10 Packers of All Time ... Again!

One of life's guarantees is that NFL Network will forever be producing new Top 10 lists until the end of time.  Well apparently George Lucas has some sway at NFLN because they also can't leave their Top 10 lists alone.

After the Packers' victory in Super Bowl XLV, NFLN released a list of the Top 10 Packers of all time on NFL Total Access.  This original list was presented in a 2-and-a-half minute segment of the show (with Greg Jennings as a special guest host).  This original list read like so:

10. Curly Lambeau

9. Ray Nitschke

8. Jim Taylor

7. Paul Hornung

6. Forrest Gregg

5. Reggie White

4. Bart Starr

3. Brett Favre

2. Don Hutson

1. Vince Lombardi


The new list of the Top 10 Packers of all time was shown in an hour-long program featuring interviews and commentary from all sorts of former Packer greats and opponents, media personalities and analysts.  I don't know who exactly had input in compiling either one of the lists, but as you can see the new list is drastically different:


10. Jim Taylor

9. Jerry Kramer

8. James Lofton

7. Herb Adderley

6. Paul Hornung

5. Ray Nitschke

4. Reggie White

3. Bart Starr

2. Brett Favre

1. Don Hutson



The new list exclusively features players only, so Lombardi was left off.  Lambeau and Gregg were dropped from the list completely.  Those three vacated spots were filled by Kramer, Lofton and Adderley.  And of the players who made both lists, every single one changed spots.


So how do the two lists compare.  Do you think one is clearly  more correct than the other?  With as deep and rich of a history as the Packers have, I don't think anybody is ever going to agree on a definitive list - there are simply too many great players to argue over.  Naturally I have some opinions of my own.


  • I'm happy to see that Nitschke moved up from 9 to 5.  Number 9 was too low, and I think number 5 on the list is just about right.
  • I don't like that Taylor dropped from 8 to 10, and I don't like that Hornung is ahead of Taylor on either list.
  • I'm happy to see Lofton get some recognition (he usually gets overlooked since he played on some truly terrible teams), but I'm not quite sure he deserves a spot on the Top 10.
  • My biggest beef is with the Starr/Favre debate.  There is absolutely no way that Favre should be ahead of Starr.  Favre certainly deserves a spot on the list, but I think he should be somewhere in the 4-7 range, and he shouldn't be ahead of Starr in any event.  I feel strongly that Starr should be number 1 or 2.  Yes, Favre had a great Packer career.   Yes, he set a lot of NFL records in a Packer uniform.  Yes, he made it to two Super Bowls and won one.  But he wasn't better than Starr.  I realize that Starr probably had a stronger cast around him, but when you lead your team to 5 championships, AND you have the highest winning percentage in NFL playoff history, AND you accomplished all of this while calling your own plays, I think you deserve to be number 1 on the list.

Feel free to disagree!  Any glaring omissions from the revised list?  If you feel strongly about it, file your complaints with NFLN and I'm sure they'll come out with a new version of the list next year.

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