Something to Read while laughing at our neighbors down south

So one of my favorite things to do after a Bears loss to anyone, but especially to the Packers, is look through threads and listening to 670am chicago sports radio, looking and listening through all the whining and complaining and see how much hatred bears fans have for their own team. It's quite hillarious sometimes.

When the Packers loose, yeah, there is some critisism, however, we love our players... Even the haters of Jarrett Bush aren't terribly harsh on him. Our philosophy is more "fix the problem, not the blame, next man up." I also note the dichotomy that Bears fans, even the sports radio celebrities, typically will use the wording, "if we are able to escape with a win," whereas Packer fans have been expecting to win virtually every game (except for last years Patriots game when Rodgers was out).

Anyhoo, here are some funny quotes I found while searching through the Bears game thread. Enjoy.

Afternoon Gents

Bears 30- Packers 13 you heard it here first

squirrels, lighter fluid, and lighter ready! ---(I've got no idea what this is in reference to)

dammit bears...why you sucka so bad?

Martz: "I have nerves of steele"

Cutler: "And I’ve had my nerves pummeled out of me. With that mixture we run this crazy offense. Well……We sort of run it.

This is getting ugly quick...time to switch to liquor.

I'd like to predict the next series...

1st down: bad run into the line for -2 yards.

2nd down: screen to Forte for 3 yards.

3rd down: incomplete pass short of the first down marker.

Morgan Burnett....

The FS we really wanted in the 2010 draft. We settled for Major Wright. ---(I'm very happy we traded up to get him. He's been a valuable player.)

Cutler is a bust

Terrible beyond words.

Not sure what's going on with Jay.

Doesn’t look like himself. Maybe the offensive line confused him by actually blocking someone at least some of the time.

in•san•i•ty \in-ˈsa-nə-tē\ noun

1 : The practice of repeating the same action while expecting different results.

He's shell-shocked. He needs to get over it rather quickly! ---(I'd like to point out that a bahavioral therapist friend of mine told me that Cutler needs to get out of Chicago if he wants to succeed. He's gunshy and always expecting to get hit.)

We traded our 1 decent TE for a bag of footballs and a ham sandwich for Lovie

So far, what I've gotten from this thread is...

Jay Cutler Sux

Bears will run ball after

Martz gets put in coma by Lovie smashing the run playbook into his one too many times….

think it's Carimi or having False Start Frank the Revolving Door in there? ---(In reference to why they can't really block anyone)

Rodgers had all day could have ordered a pizza back there

mother of god the wildcat again! NO!!!

Someone shoot Martz

It's almost torches and pitch forks time folks

Goddamnit fuck you Knox!!!! You think you're a #1 receiver? Guess what assdouche a go-to receiver catches that fucking ball.

I am done defending this shit group of wr's

they are the worst in the NFL

What a disorganizaed shitfest this offense is....

Martz is a genius.

Satafford throws volley balls to Megatron...Rodgers throws behind the back darts to seasoned professional wideouts only to get caught, and Cutler has to throw to midgets that are scared to get hit. While our best player on offense is making 500,000 and is being under paid. Welcome to the 2011 Bears.

a 1-point loss to GB

is worse than a blowout loss to anyone ---(Aren't all 1 point losses harder to swallow? If it's a blowout, you can at least walk away from it.)

we just spent a whole week cursing Martz for not running te ball

and he didn’t run it this week either

We should get used to this...

because there isn’t an offensive guru in the world that can fix this crapfest. Glad to know the Bears are squandering the last years of a good defense with this garbage. Johnny Knox is officially a waste of a roster spot. Add Craig Steltz to the list of former Bears players that will not play in the NFL ever again. Most of the Bears successes came because of Packer failures. This team is worse than last year and not as healthy. Hopefully we can lock up Lovie for another 10 years to perpetuate this mediocrity! Great work Bears! I hope we can stay with the Panthers next week. When do we storm the walls at Halas Hall again…and will the zombie of George be leading the charge!

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