Rodgers vs. Manning Playoff Stats

I understand that the Giants and the Packers have two different styles of offense, but I took a look at how Manning has fared in the playoffs vs how Rodgers has fared in the playoffs in standard passing stats. Charts and such are below.

This first chart is the stats of Eli Manning in the playoffs


The second chart is the stats of Aaron Rodgers in the Playoffs


The third chart is the average for each QB as well as the difference between each QB


The fourth chart is the total number of games each QB has played and achieved a certain stat


the fifth chart is what each QB would have for a complete season's stats based on playoff averages. It's strictly a reference point for easier comparison.


So what does this tell us? This tells us Aaron Rodgers does what Aaron Rodgers does and not much more needs to be said about him. Both teams run different styles of offense, but it would appear that Manning is nothing more than a game manager in the playoffs. Last week was by far and away the best playoff game Manning statistically has had, it happened during the best season Manning has ever had, so maybe he is growing and turning a page. However, even though Manning's last game was his best, it's surprisingly close to the average Aaron Rodgers playoff game. Manning has never thrown for 300 yards in the playoffs and has thrown for less than 200 yards in 5 of his 8 games. Rodgers on the other hand has only thrown for less than 200 yards once and he still threw 3 TDs in that game. Rodgers also has 2-300 yard games and 1-400 yard game under his belt in only 5 appearances. The 7.0 yards/attempt by Manning would further suggest that he is a game manager in the playoffs, however I would expect a little higher than 60% completion percentage if he was just trying to dink and dunk and not turn it over. While it is important for all teams to not turn the ball over, a team that is not producing many yards would especially need to not turn it over. With that being said, Manning still throws interceptions almost twice as often as Rodgers does. Although to Manning's credit, the number of 0 INT games really surprised me, especially with his eradicate tendencies. Of the stats listed (essentially all the ones on Yahoo, I'm not trying to be biased), Rodgers is better than Manning in every single stat.

The Giants had one of the worst rushing attacks in the NFL this season, a defense that allowed more points than it scored, and a team as a whole that played very inconsistent. They have won their last few games, but I am not sold on the quality of opponent that they've played. They've won 4 of their last 5, including their last 3. However the only team in that stretch that even made the playoffs was last week (duh) and it was lead by a QB who has never won in the playoffs.

So the question becomes, if the Giants need to rely on Eli this game to put up lots of yards/points, can they? Or is their defense going to have to carry the entire burden and be forced to completely shut down Aaron Rodgers? A very tall task.

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