APC Pick 'Em - Week 5

Congrats to osc630 for picking 12 out of 14 games correctly in week 4! That is crazy good. We had several others in double-digits (including new overall co-leader, uofmike), so it was a pretty good week for APC. The standings you are looking for... these are it, actually:

Username		        Week 4 Points		 Overall Point Total
uofmike          		   10				 38
Vermont Cubs Fan		    9				 38
aaronetc			    9				 37			   	              
Weezy685			    9				 37
Wiedmann			   11				 37
Clutch16			   11				 36			    				 
RaY210		         	    9				 36
osc630				   12				 35
ShareholderBehindEnemyLines         9				 34
Matt Keegan			   10				 33
AdamA				   10				 32
gunslinger			   10				 32
Bush League All Star		   10				 31
OBrienSchofieldismyHero		    7				 31
Tarynfor12			    9				 30
BirdDogUni			    8				 29
mike_o				    9				 29			    				 			    				 			    				 
tmoneyttime1		            0			         27
ObiBraunKenobi			    7			   	 25
PackerFanInTN			   10				 25			   				 			    				 				    				 				    				 	    				 			    				 				    				 				    				 			    				 		    				 				    				 				    				                       				  	    				 
jimf				    0				 23
packallday555			   11				 23			    				   			   				 				    				 			    				 				    				 
Jacob Padilla			    0				 22			    				 			    				 		    				 			    				 		 	    				 
Lynch012			    0				 16
TwoShoesMcGooze   		    0				 16
REV MARK 			   10				 15			   				 		    				 			    				 			    				 			    				 			    				 			    				 			    				 				    				 				    				 
bnbfishin			    0				 14			    				 			    				 			    				 			    				 			    				  			    				 			    				 
Steve From Fl			    0				 14			   			 	 
stratefaced		   	    0				 10
P-Townfan			    0				  8			    				  

Things that you would be shocked to find in the trunk of your vehicle:

1) Week 5 deadline for picks (No, Tony Romo... I am not talking about those kind of picks): Thursday, October 4 at 8:20 PM ET / 7:20 PM Central Time.

2) It appears that only two posts can appear in the Recommended section at any given time, so rec this one as many times as possible to keep it where people can see it!

3) Yeah, yeah... group hug.

mike_o and the 14 amigos:

Arizona at St. Louis - Who saw Arizona starting 4-0? Despite the strong start, I think the Cards' first loss comes on the road, in the division. RAMS.

Philadelphia at Pittsburgh - Pitt is coming off their bye after being yanked back-and-forth between the Coasts (@Den, vsNYJ, @Oak); Philly has been very lucky, so far. STEELERS.

Green Bay at Indianapolis - A well-coached team will not look at this as an easy game; I think MM will have our boys prepared for the young Colts. PACKERS.

Cleveland at N.Y. Giants - Surprisingly, the Browns haven't been completely blown out of the water by teams this year. I think the Giants win this one by 7. GIANTS.

Atlanta at Washington - Atlanta in a shootout. FALCONS.

Miami at Cincinnati - The Fins put up a good fight in the desert last week, but Cincy is on a roll (3 Ws in a row). BENGALS.

Baltimore at Kansas City - Because, yeah... Matt Cassel. RAVENS.

Seattle at Carolina - .... . SEAHAWKS.

Chicago at Jacksonville - Chicago's offense appears to be on track. Also, Jacksonville sucks. BEARS.

Denver at New England - NE in a rout. PATRIOTS.

Buffalo at San Francisco - Nice bounce-back by SF in NY; I don't think Buffalo has a shot in this game. 49ERS.

Tennessee at Minnesota - Ponder has been taking care of the football (zero picks), and that seems to be enough for MIN. VIKINGS.

San Diego at New Orleans - Are the Saints back? Sure looked like it in week 4... . SAINTS.

Houston at N.Y. Jets - The Jets need their defense to step up if they want to have a shot in this one. TEXANS.

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