Nelson, Finley, Cobb, Jones, Benson, Jennings, Kuhn, Crabtree, Driver, & DJ Williams

It's been a pretty crazy year so far... After 4 games I expected to be 4 - 0... Seriously guys, I really did...

Sitting at 2 - 2*, I am actually pretty optimistic for the future. Defense has shown it can be a Championship caliber defense, and the Offense showed signs of life this week against the Saints... Granted, the Saints defense isn't what it once was, but, they are still playing professional football, not soccer, so they can't be that bad... : )

Our biggest asset is our receiving corps... It has definitely been a different year so far... So I'm wondering if there isn't a serious "Changing of the Guard" coming soon... The trade deadline is October 30th, and if TT were to pull something out of his hat, it would certainly surprise me, yet it isn't out the realm of possibility.

While Greg Jennings is by definition our #1 WR, he is in the last year of his contract, and by all accounts the 2 sides aren't even in the same "TIME ZONE!?" Looking at the Stats below, you see 5 guys ahead of Jennings, granted, he's been injured, but, my point is, Greg Jennings may not be our #1 WR after this year...

Nelson ~ Big, fast, and pretty much our #1 WR with Jennings on the sidelines... FA in 2015...

Finley ~ It's no secret to anyone on APC that my patience were/are wearing thin with 88... But, he stepped up against the Saints and hopefully, he's headed towards a great year... FA in 2014...

Cobb ~ Our Swiss Army Knife on offense... Cobb is dangerous, young, and under contract. FA in 2015...

Jones ~ After yesterday is our TD maker this year! Big, Strong, Fast, and always up for trade, until now probably...

JJ is a much cheaper option than Greg Jennings, and is also under contract until FA in 2014...

Benson ~ Though a RB has contributed in the passing game... In fact his longest reception is 4 yards longer than our #1 WR... Benson is a one year stop gap unless he's brought back next year or extended...

Jennings ~ In fairness, he's been battling a groin injury and hasn't been much of a factor... FA in 2013...

KUHNNN ~ FB... Does what he does... FA in 2014...

Crabtree ~ Hasn't been much of a factor, but, could be, given the opportunity. RFA 2013...

Driver ~ Thinking this is DD's last year, but, he's a vet who can win some battles when we need them... FA in 2013...

DJ Williams ~ TE that may develop into a solid contributor... FA in 2015...

Jarrett Boykin is also on the roster...

My point being, it looks as though Jordy Nelson, Randall "TEX" Cobb, James Jones, and Jermichael Finley are taking over, and Greg Jennings and Donald Driver look like they're headed towards the exit...

It looks as though Jennings will be held out this week against the Colts in the hopes he can get healthy... I think it's a good idea... If I were the GM, I would try to get him healthy for the Texans, hope he has a career night, and then shop him... Can't hurt to listen to options/offers, but, I don't expect TT to make a move, it's just not his style.

Donald Driver is the consumate pro, provides veteran leadership, and will surely make some important catches this year, but, isn't the force he once was... Time catches up with everyone, but, I'm hoping DD can help us get to the big game once again and cap a possibly HOF career!

Thinking TT will use a fairly high draft pick on a WR this year, and if a TE falls to him, it wouldn't surprise me if he drafted another one high... (TT & MM love their TE's : )

Benson is looking good... Just what this offense needed, but, with 32 being 30 years old, I'll be beating the RB Drum through April... : )


For some reason it won't let me preview this??? So I have no idea what it's going to look like??? (Old format let me preview it! : ) lol


Jordy Nelson 21 260 12.4 28 1
Jermichael Finley 19 187 9.8 31 1
Randall Cobb 18 162 9.0 20 0
James Jones 16 191 11.9 49 3
Cedric Benson 12 76 6.3 17 0
Greg Jennings 12 78 6.5 13 1
John Kuhn 6 48 8.0 16 0
Tom Crabtree 2 43 21.5 27 1
Donald Driver 2 29 14.5 26 1
D.J. Williams 2 17 8.5 11 0

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