Fantasy Packer Lineup 1990-2012

Here's the game:

The Packers are in the Super Bowl, and you get to pick the offense "skill players" that Green Bay trots out.

Here are the assumptions:

  • Assume each player is in their absolute prime/ their best year. IE, don't consider Ahman Green as being his second time around, or Donald Driver circa 2012. Take everyone at their best.
  • This is not an exercise solely in "who is best?" Consider chemistry, strengths and weaknesses, playing styles, how they will mesh together.
  • If I've left someone off you feel should be included, put them on your team as a write in candidate.
  • Pick one quarterback, 3 RBs (one of them a FB), 3 WRs, 1 TE.
  • As the title suggests the players cover from 1990-2012. So sorry all you Don Hutson fans.

QuarterBacks (Pick one)

Brett Favre

Aaron Rodgers

Don Mojkowski

Running Backs (Pick 3- one must be a fullback)

Dorsey Levens

Ahman Green

Ryan Grant

James Starks

Edgar Bennett

John Kuhn

Michael Haddix

William Henderson

Travis Jervey

Najeh Davenport

Wide Receiver (Pick 3)

Greg Jennings

Donald Driver

Jordy Nelson

Sterling Sharpe

Antonio Freeman

Robert Brooks

Javon Walker

Tight End (Pick one)

Keith Jackson

Bubba Franks

Donald Lee

Mark Chmura

Jermichael Finley

Here's my team

Quarterback: Aaron Rodgers.

I really thought about picking Favre. He just had such a penchant for making the big play. But Rodgers is more efficient and less prone to costly interceptions. But it was close. I didn't just automatically take Rodgers.

Running Backs:

Ahman Green and Ryan Grant with Edgar Bennett as my fullback. I really wanted to put Levens on my team. He is one of my favorite Packers ever (don't ask me why, I don't know) But he's just not better than Grant. I trust anyone of these backs to take a healthy chunk of carries and move the chains.

Wide Receivers:

Sterling Sharpe, Greg Jennings, Antonio Freeman.

This was was agonizing to pick. How do I leave off Donald Driver and Robert Brooks, to say nothing of the brilliant seasons that Walker had?

Sharpe was obvious- the man probably would be considered a top ten, if not top 5, receiver of all time if he hadn't had that career ending injury. He'd stack up to Megatron or Fitz any day in my book.

I had to include the master of routes, so Jennings was in. It was close between Freeman, Brooks and Driver. Call me nostalgic for the 90s Super Bowl years, I chose Freeman, though I am open to being wrong on this pick.

Tight End:

Mark Chmura

It should be Keith Jackson- but his best year's were with the Eagles, I couldn't honestly pick him as a Packer. Chmura had some solid seasons for us in the 90s, he gets the nod.

What would your team look like?

Post your lineup and discuss!

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