Green Bay Packers - St. Louis Rams: Ask Turf Show Times

Six touchdowns...Really? Now? The Packers offense had to come together before they play the Rams? When the Packers demolished the Houston Texans Sunday night, they looked like the team every NFL fan has known was there all along. Like a sleeping giant, someone just couldn't wait a couple of weeks before giving a them good kick, awakening the team to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting NFL. May I be the first Rams fan to say - GULP!

While this season has been just a tad frustrating for Packers fans until Sunday night, I can't help but think you all have been exchanging all-knowing smirks. I'm a regular visitor to SBNation's many sites, and every time I drop in here at Acme Packing Company, I get the feeling whim and chance have been the only thing holding the Packers down. The talent of this team is there for all to see. I've loved watching media wizards trying to explain what's happened to Green Bay this season. It's been a regular chorus of "er,uh-s" by the Peter Kings of the world. It wouldn't have shocked me to hear Chris Berman cry, "Look! Haley's Comet!", just to change the subject. But you all knew, didn't you? It was only a matter of time until Aaron Rodgers unleashed his Zeus-ian bolts made of pigskin. But right before he plays the Rams? Really?

I'm an editor and writer for Turf Show Times, the SBNation site for all things St. Louis Rams. I thought I'd drop by this week for a bit of chat about the coming game in St. Louis this Sunday.

While question are bouncing around the inside of my skull about the 2012 Green Bay Packers, I'm still grappling with the loss this week at Miami by the Rams. Mistakes marred a good effort on both sides of the ball for the youngest team in the NFL. The Rams completely shutdown Reggie Bush and Co. in the running game. They held young quarterback phenom Ryan Tannehill to less than 200 yards passing too, while completely shutting league leading receiver Brian Hartline out of the game (0 catches on 0 attempts). Only a small mental gurgle by rookie corner back Janoris Jenkins kept the game from being a win.

The Rams had their share of potential stars falling from the proverbial sky that day too. Former Avengers candidate and kicker Greg Zuerlein fell unceremoniously back to earth when he missed his last three field goal attempts. Though I have to admit he missed his 66 yard attempt in fine fashion, hitting the netting ten feet up. Even so, his "Megatron" status has rusted just a tad.

Injuries have played their cruel hand with both Rams and Packers players this season. Our biggest hit has been to the Rams offensive line. On Sunday night, it looked like Green Bay's linebacker corps took a huge blow, as well as to the defensive line? How will the Packers adjust to the losses on defense?

Greg Jennings has injury issues this season. How will this affect the team's thoughts about re-signing him for next season? Jame Jones has filled in admirably for Jennings, and as far as I can recall hasn't had injury issues? With all the wide receiver talent on the Green Bay roster, I've never consider any of them as true lead receivers. It's more like their roster is filled with WR#1s, foregoing the WR2, WR3, WR4, designations because they simply don't apply. Aaron Rodgers has always been one to spread out his passing choices. Is this by design, or is it left to Rodgers to establish a flexible check-down list on the field?

Running back has been an issue for Green Bay for the last couple years. With Cedric Benson out, who will be carrying the load in the Packers' rushing game?

Every Rams fan is currently chipping in to buy Clay Matthews an all expenses paid vacation to Superior, Wisconsin. Is that far enough away so he can't make the drive to St. Louis before kickoff?

I'll be dropping in all week to answer any questions you have about the St. Louis Rams, and I'll be inviting members of Turf Show Times to visit as well. Should any TST member forget they are guests here, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Oh, and by the way... I wrote a book. I've also written a short story for America's Next Author. It's a humorous story about a quarterback at the end of his career as he tries to accept it's time to look for something else in life. He find's his answer on a tropical island after a brutally bad game. If you could give it a read, and possibly throw a review of the story in for me I'd be beyond grateful. Right now, I'm battling the hoards of paranormal stories with the only one that's about sports. I'm currently ranked #44 out of over 17,000 entries. The reviews are what will get me to the finals.

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