Coach McCarthy To Fans: Thank You

Doug Pensinger

It's not often that you hear both the star quarterback and the head coach thank fans in their press conference after a game. Then again, when visiting fans take over the crowd noise it's not unexpected either.

It’s well known that Packer fans travel well. Ridiculously well actually. The only fan base that really rivals Packer fans for the ability to take over an opposing team’s stadium is Steelers' fans. I have to admit that I myself never been to an NFL game outside the cozy confines of Lambeau, so the etiquette being opposing fan at someone else’s stadium is lost to me. Then again, so is the concept of back rests and cup holders….seriously if you want that go watch hockey or basketball where they have indoor seating. Despite this obvious failing in my own personal fandom, I do have to admit I get a kick out of it when I start hearing "Go Pack Go" come across clear as day when the Packers are on the road. It not only means that the Packers are winning, but also that the opposing teams fans are so demoralized that they have either given up or left the building. If it’s happening early in the game then it just means that the Packers get one more home game really.

This past Sunday a similar occurrence happened in St. Louis. Once again the "Go Pack Go" chants were out in force and it seemed like a third of the place were Packer fans. Curious to see what Ram fans thought of this, I swung by the open thread over at Turf Show Times. Sure enough there were countless comments from posters there about how disturbing it was to see (and hear) so many Packer fans in the crowd….especially with the KUUUUHNN chants.

But that’s not all…both Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy made note of it during their post game press conference:

Per Rodgers:

It’s fun to have such great support. I mean the chants are incredible. The boos we had today on one those calls today from our fans was incredible. It was louder than the cheers for the Rams. Special connection between the players and the fans. We just love our fans. We have had some amazing experiences on the road., hearing that "Go Pack Go" chant leading games.

Per McCarthy:

Our fans are unbelievable. Just the drive in from the airport yesterday and just see packer fans everywhere, you thought you were walking down Oneida Street yesterday…and it’s every week we’re on the road. You never get tired of hearing ‘Go Pack Go’ especially in St. Louis. So it’s a great tribute to our fans. I can’t say enough about it. You know, they’re really the best. They are second to none. When opposing coaches are talking about keeping your fans out of the build I think that says it all. So thank you fans, they were outstanding today.

It’s common to hear players talk about how their fans are the best in the league. It’s even more common for fans to think they are the best fan base in the league. It’s not quite as common for a coach to thank the team’s fans in his press conference….even rarer for an opposing coach to make note of how well the team travels. On Sunday the Packer fans made St. Louis almost feel like a home game, and that’s something special for all of us to share in.

Oh and coach McCarthy? You’re welcome.

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