APC Pick 'Em - Week 6

Good news, everyone! I had the most correct picks in week 5 (12/14)!! Reactions around Acme Packing Company:


APC 1, APC 2, APC 3, "LOL, still nowhere near first!", *house gets TP'd*.

Well, that was brutal. Moving along now, here are the updated standings w/ my picks following the jump:

Username		        Week 5 Points		 Overall Point Total
uofmike          		   11				 49
Vermont Cubs Fan		   11				 49
Wiedmann			   11				 48
aaronetc			   10				 47			   	              
Weezy685			   10				 47			   				 
Clutch16			    9				 45			    				 
RaY210		         	    9				 45
osc630				    9				 44
Matt Keegan			   10			 	 43
gunslinger			   10				 42
OBrienSchofieldismyHero		   11				 42
ShareholderBehindEnemyLines         8				 42
Bush League All Star		   10				 41
mike_o				   12				 41			   				 
AdamA				    8				 40
BirdDogUni			    9				 38			   				 		   				 	   				 
Tarynfor12			    7				 37	
PackerFanInTN			   10				 35
packallday555			    9				 32	            			         
ObiBraunKenobi			    6			   	 31
tmoneyttime1			    0				 27
REV MARK			   10				 25			   				 			   				 			    				 				    				 				    				 	    				 			    				 				    				 				    				 			    				 		    				 				    				 				    				                       				  	    				 
jimf				    0				 23			   				 			    				   			   				 				    				 			    				 				    				 
Jacob Padilla			    0				 22
Steve From Fl			    8				 22			    				 			    				 		    				 			    				 		 	    				 
Lynch012			    0				 16
TwoShoesMcGooze   		    0				 16			   				 			   				 		    				 			    				 			    				 			    				 			    				 			    				 			    				 				    				 				    				 
bnbfishin			    0				 14			    				 			    				 			    				 			    				 			    				  			    				 			    				 			    				 			   			 	 
stratefaced		   	    0				 10
hawks61				    9				  9			    				  


1) Week 6 deadline: Thursday, October 11 at 8:20 PM ET / 7:20 PM Central.

2) Rec this post, at will!

3) You can do it! (... all night long! *hip-thrust*)

mike_o's Week 6 picks (sponsored by Cheesus, of Nazareth):

Pittsburgh at Tennessee: This match-up of old AFC Central rivals will not go very well for the Titans. STEELERS.

Kansas City at Tampa Bay: Okay, Chiefs fans... you got your new QB (lol Brady Quinn); too bad that won't really change anything. BUCCANEERS.

Indianapolis at N.Y. Jets: Freeney and Mathis are ridiculous. Jets didn't embarrass themselves vs HOU, but still... .COLTS.

Cincinnati at Cleveland: CLE finally breaks through for a W against division/Ohio rival Cincinnati. BROWNS.

Detroit at Philadelphia: Lions by a point. LIONS.

Oakland at Atlanta: The Raiders are just not very good. FALCONS.

St. Louis at Miami: Nice D for STL, but I like Miami at home. DOLPHINS.

Dallas at Baltimore: This is one of those games that will make people say, "Hmm... maybe the Cowboys are for real this time!" Of course, Dallas will proceed to get destroyed by Carolina the next week. COWBOYS.

Buffalo at Arizona: Arizona is coming off their first loss, but... never fear! Buffalo is here! CARDINALS.

New England at Seattle: Please destroy those fools, NE. PATRIOTS.

N.Y. Giants at San Francisco: This should be a thrilling re-match of the 2012 NFCCG; I like the Niners, via a last-second Akers FG. 49ERS.

Minnesota at Washington: I had picked this as the game the Vikes would face-plant in, but RG3 could be out with a concussion. VIKINGS.

Green Bay at Houston: So, J.J. Watt... the dude is kinda scary. I'm just going to flat-out go homer on this pick. PACKERS.

Denver at San Diego: The offense is certainly there for Denver, but uh... hello, defense? What are you waiting for? CHARGERS.

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