Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers news and links for October 9, 2012

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Daily Green Bay Packers news and links, today on Cedric Benson, Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck and injuries around the league.

Happy Tuesday, ladies and gentlemen. We've had another day to process this weekend's loss, and I think I'm more annoyed than I was on Sunday night. After the game, I felt like the better team won and I wasn't terribly upset. I thought "oh well, we're not great this year, but we can still get to 9-7". Then I read through articles for Cheese Curds yesterday and today, and that caused me to become really annoyed. This team is stupid. Here's your daily dose of Green Bay Packers news and links.

Benson reportedly to miss eight weeks, could be done | ESPN Wisconsin

If you missed it last night. Uh, time for James Starks to step up?

Sack attacked: Packers' Rodgers going down often | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Is it more on the line or Rodgers making bad decisions?

Little Mistakes Add Up to Big Loss for Packers | Jersey Al's

This is a long list of mistakes.

Matchups dictated plan to pass |

Considering how the Packers offense played in the second half, I'm not buying this.

Rodgers' Inaccuracy Drives Offensive Woes | Cheesehead TV

With references to Madden ratings.

Green Bay remains undaunted, despite losses | FOX Sports Wisconsin

These quotes seem very ... empty.

Notebook: Crosby's rhythm off on missed kicks | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Yes, I think his rhythm was off on a kick that went sideways.

More from around SB Nation

NFL rookie QB report: Andrew Luck gets his turn | SB Nation

Every picture of Andrew Luck smiling is ridiculous. He looks like the biggest goofball.

Robert Griffin III expects to play in Week 6 | Hogs Haven

Excellent news.

Appears To Be A Torn ACL For Cushing, MRI Coming On Tuesday | Battle Red Blog

Bad news.

Adrian Peterson injury: Vikings star has mild ankle sprain | Daily Norseman

It doesn't seem like anything that's going to affect his play too much.

Firing Gene Smith now doesn't help the Jaguars | Big Cat Country

Nothing like a mid-season firing to shake things up.

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