APC Pick 'Em - Week 11

That was a rather strange week; no Packer football, a tie game, ObiBraunKenobi and Steve From Fl scoring the most points in the contest... :P (j/k, guys) But yes, Obi and Steve led all APC'ers with 11/14 correct picks in week 10! Meanwhile, uofmike is the first participant to 100 points (look at you, with your fancy-schmancy triple digits :P). In case anyone missed the announcement in the previous thread, there were no points awarded for the STL-SF matchup. Thankfully, most of you passed on the Powerbomb option (I'm watching you, Shareholder... I. Am. Watching. You!). Anyhow, here is what you've been waiting for:

Username		        Week 10 Points		 Overall Point Total
uofmike         		   10				100
aaronetc			    9				 96
Vermont Cubs Fan		    8				 94
Wiedmann		   	    8			 	 93					 
Bush League All Star		   10				 91
RaY210				   10				 90
gunslinger			   10				 88
Clutch16			    9				 88
AdamA				    9				 87
Matt Keegan			    8				 87			   		 
BirdDogUni			    9				 85
osc630				    8				 84
ShareholderBehindEnemyLines	   10				 83
Weezy685			    0				 82
mike_o				    9				 80
PackerFanInTN			    9				 78	 
Tarynfor12			    6				 78		   			 
OBrienSchofieldismyHero		    8				 70
ObiBraunKenobi			   11				 63
REV MARK			    7				 62
packallday555			    0				 57			    				 			 			    				 			    				 		    				 			   				 			   				 			    				 				    				 				    				 	    				 			    				 				    				 				    				 			    				 		    				 				    				 				    				                       				  	    				 				    							   				 			    				   			   				 				    				 			    				 				    				 			    			 	    				 			    				hawks61				    9				 55
Steve From Fl			   11			  	 51
bnbfishin			    6				 49

That kitchen sink your mother kept referring to:

1) Week 11 pick 'em deadline: Thursday, November 15th by 8:20 pm ET / 7:20 pm Central Time.

2) + 2 for this post and -2 for the Week 10 post, please.

3) Does it bother anyone else that you can't search APC for comments or FanPosts anymore?

mike's Week 11 picks, brought to you by the Clutch16 Marketing Agency: "Your product up your target demographic's a**, or your money back!"

Miami at Buffalo: MIA was spanked at home by the Titans (wtf, man?), while the Bills had a chance to beat NE in their house. BILLS.

Green Bay at Detroit: No Clay this week (/sadface), but Jordy should be back. After a terrific 2011 season, Detroit has been decidedly average this year. PACKERS.

Arizona at Atlanta: Now that we're done talking about undefeated teams, the conversation can revert back to football. Gimme the FaLoLcons at home in a close one. FALCONS.

Tampa Bay at Carolina: The Bucs are rolling right now, w/ wins in 4 out of their last 5 games. They'll complete the season sweep of CarLoLina. BUCCANEERS.

Cleveland at Dallas: The 'Boys are coming off a big win in Philly; I think the momentum will carry over to this game, and get DAL to .500. COWBOYS.

Philadelphia at Washington: The Eagles are in a tail-spin right now; 5 consecutive losses and starting QB Michael Vick is likely out for the season with a concussion. This looks like an easy one for WAS coming out of their bye. REDSKINS.

N.Y. Jets at St. Louis: Steven Jackson should be able to run wild on that turrible Jets run defense. RAMS.

Cincinnati at Kansas City: Cincy, I'm not even mad... that was impressive. Meanwhile in KC, the losses continue to pile up... . BENGALS.

Jacksonville at Houston: I won't call this an easy win for HOU, since it is a division game... but this will be an easy win. TEXANS.

New Orleans at Oakland: ZomG! Drew Brees is leading the Saints back from the dead! [F**ks given by the rest of the NFL: none]. SAINTS.

San Diego at Denver: Over/under on Philip Rivers interceptions: 2. I'll take the over. BRONCOS.

Indianapolis at New England: Indy is decent, New England is good. PATRIOTS.

Baltimore at Pittsburgh: Looks like Roethlisberger suffered a separated shoulder in Monday night's win over the Chiefs. Advantage: not the Steelers. RAVENS.

Chicago at San Francisco: Here are another two teams down to their backup QBs, due to concussions (we need to get guys helmets like the one Aaron wears... seriously). This should be a 49ers victory, provided they can take care of the football. 49ERS.

On bye: Minnesota, N.Y. Giants, Seattle, Tennessee.

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