APC Pick 'Em - Week 13

There are only 5 weeks of regular season action left, folks! And that means 5 weeks until we crown the second-ever APC Pick 'Em champ, joining our 2011 champ: Tarynfor12. uofmike has a 6-point cushion on VCF at the moment, with aaronetc and BLAS not too far behind. You never know if contending teams will falter down the stretch, or the Kansas City's of the league decide that, "Damn it, we're not going to take it anymore!" (although, they will most likely continue to take it). Your Week 12 marksmen: bnbfishin and Weezy685 nailed down 75% of their picks (12/16). Le standings:

Username		        Week 12 Points		 Overall Point Total
uofmike         		   11				124
Vermont Cubs Fan		   11				118
aaronetc			    9				117
Bush League All Star		   11				115
Wiedmann			   10				111
RaY210				    9				110
Matt Keegan			   10				109
Clutch16			    9				109
Weezy685			   12				107  				 
BirdDogUni			   10			 	106		 
gunslinger			    7				106   			 
ShareholderBehindEnemyLines	   10				105
osc630				    9				104
mike_o				    8				101
AdamA				    0				 99
PackerFanInTN			    8				 97
Tarynfor12			   10				 96
ObiBraunKenobi			   10				 85 
REV MARK			   10				 85	    			    				 			 			    				 			    				 		    				 			   				 			   				 			    				 				    				 				    				 	    				 			    				 				    				 				    				 			    				 		    				 				    				 				    				                       				  	    				 				    							   				 			    				   			   				 				    				 			    				 				    				 			    			 	    				 			    		hawks61				   10				 76  	 
bnbfishin			   12				 73
OBrienSchofieldismyHero		    0				 70
Steve From Fl                       0                            62


1) Week 13 deadline: Thursday, November 29 by 8:20 pm ET / 7:20 pm Central Time.

2) Please make this post recommended reading (x2), and un-rec last week's post.

3) Trying something new here. Enjoy this anecdote:

A woman placed an ad, offering a new Porsche for $10. A man answered the ad, but was skeptical.

"What's the gimmick?" he asked.

"There's no gimmick," the woman replied.

"My husband just died, and his will stated that he wanted his car sold and the money given to his secretary."

mike's Week 13 picks, brought to you in part by hawks61 and the CFL Grey Cup champion Toronto Argonauts!

New Orleans at Atlanta: After a rough 0-4 start, the Saints are 5-2 since (including a win over ATL). I say the Falcons get swept in the season series. SAINTS.

Seattle at Chicago: Bears could be w/o Forte and 4 other starters this Sunday. SEAHAWKS.

Houston at Tennessee: Houston has looked shaky these past 2 weeks. Might have an upset here. TITANS.

New England at Miami: Huge game for MIA here; w/ the 49ers looming on the schedule, they have to find a way to win this one if they want a shot at making the playoffs. Doubt they stop the Pats' offense, though. PATRIOTS.

Jacksonville at Buffalo: Don't really care, to be honest. Gimme the home team. BILLS.

Indianapolis at Detroit: Who could have imagined the Andrew Luck-led Colts competing for an AFC Wild Card? I see them dropping this one, though, against a DET team that has played well in recent losses. LIONS.

Carolina at Kansas City: And now, time for mike's F**k It, I'm Going Deep Pick... CHIEFS (don't laugh at me).

Minnesota at Green Bay: MIN's D worries me a bit, but Greg Jennings will help ease that (Believe in your smelf). Also, Christian Ponder is the opposing QB... lulz. PACKERS.

San Francisco at St. Louis: Wouldn't it be cool if these teams played to another tie? Answer: no, no it wouldn't. STL will make a game of it, but the Niners are rolling. 49ERS.

Arizona at N.Y. Jets: Look at Arizona. Look at the Jets. Now, look back at Arizona. Suddenly, Ryan Lindley isn't such a bad option to have at QB. CARDINALS.

Tampa Bay at Denver: Should be an exciting game. I'll take the Broncs by a TD. BRONCOS (HEY! I said stop laughing at me for my KC pick...).

Pittsburgh at Baltimore: Even if Roethlisberger returns, is there a RB on the roster that won't put the football on the turf? Ravens' D appears to be rounding back into shape (might even get Lewis back in week 15). RAVENS.

Cincinnati at San Diego: Just watch, the Chargers will win out and Norv Turner will inexplicably be allowed to coach an NFL franchise for another year. CHARGERS.

Cleveland at Oakland: The Raiders are pretty bad, and there really is no dropoff from Brandon Weeden to Colt McCoy. BROWNS.

Philadelphia at Dallas: If Dallas loses this, they can kiss the postseason goodbye. Foles at QB, no LeSean McCoy, and a shoddy Eagles' D? There are no excuses. COWBOYS.

N.Y. Giants at Washington: /puke. GIANTS.

(Still laughing? Fine! /slams room door shut)

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