APC Pick 'Em - Week 17. The Finale.

This is it, guys... the finish line. Thanks to everyone for participating in this little contest of ours; it has been fun! Good luck to those of you still in the race for the title of "2012 APC Pick 'Em Champion"! With that said, I wish all of you a safe and Merry Christmas!

************************ IMPORTANT! TIE-BREAKING PROCEDURE !!! ****************

With several of our contestants so close in the standings, there exists the possibility of a tie. At the end of my picks, you will find some tie-breaker options. Each tie-breaker will count as one point, if correct. Please be sure to include these after you have made your picks! Good luck.


Week 16 Shout-outs/Rips:

Highest Point Total:

Look at you, Mr. BirdDogUni... finding yourself at the top for the third time in 4 weeks! A baker's dozen (13) was the high mark for the week.

Honorable mention, w/ 12 correct picks apiece: aaronetc, Bush League All Star, Clutch16, hawks61, mike_o, PackerFanInTN, REV MARK, and Weezy685.

No one qualified for "All Alone On An Island... and #Winning" >:/

Debbie Downers:

Houston (16), Tampa Bay (12), Dallas Cowboys (10), New York Jets (8).

UOFMIKE (/drops mic).

Username		        Week 16 Points		 Overall Point Total
uofmike         		   11				164
Bush League All Star		   12				160
aaronetc			   12				158
Vermont Cubs Fan		   11				156	
BirdDogUni			   13				153
Clutch16			   12				149
Wiedmann			   11				149		
Weezy685			   12				148
Matt Keegan			   11				147
ShareholderBehindEnemyLines	    8				145
mike_o				   12				143
osc630				   11				143
AdamA				   10				140
PackerFanInTN			   12				135
gunslinger			    0				132
Tarynfor12			    7				131
REV MARK			   12				128				    			    				 			 			    				 			    				 		    				 			   				 			   				 			    				 				    				 				    				 	    				 			    				 				    				 				    				 			    				 		    				 				    				 				    				                       				  	    				 				    							   				 			    				   			   				 				    				 			    				 				    				 			    			 	    				 			    		hawks61				   12				115
RaY210				    0				110
bnbfishin			   11				100
ObiBraunKenobi			    0				 85
Steve From Fl			    0				 80


1) Week 17 pick deadline: Sunday, December 30th by 1:00 pm ET / 12:00 pm Central Time.

2) Please rec this post twice, and un-rec Week's 16 post.

mike's Week 17 Picks, sponsored by Matt Keegan's I.T. Services and Support: "Helping the cavemen and cavewomen of APC figure out how this whole "computer" thing works, since 2010."

N.Y. Jets at Buffalo: Do. Not. Care. BILLS.

Miami at New England: A first-round bye is still in reach for NE; it's very possible for Houston to lose @IND with the way they've been playing lately. PATRIOTS.

Carolina at New Orleans: Remember when New Orleans was 0-4? Despite that godawful defense, they're in a position to finish with a .500 record. SAINTS.

Tampa Bay at Atlanta: With the #1 seed locked up, ATL will likely rest most of their starters (if they're smart, they'll play them for at least one half). BUCCANEERS.

Green Bay at Minnesota: TY for the 2nd seed, 49ers. However, it will mean jack if we give it right up by losing to MIN this week. PACKERS.

Baltimore at Cincinnati: Cincy won't be playing for anything; they're stuck as the 6th seed. RAVENS.

Cleveland at Pittsburgh: Meh. STEELERS.

Houston at Indianapolis: Indy is another WC team stuck in their slot (#5), but you can bet they'll lay it all out on the line to try and keep HOU from the #1 seed. TEXANS.

Jacksonville at Tennessee: Does it matter? The answer: NOPE. TITANS.

Philadelphia at N.Y. Giants: The Giants need help to make the postseason; let's hope they don't get it. GIANTS.

Dallas at Washington: It's quite simple for Washington; win and you're in. They're hot (6 W's in a row), while Dallas just does not belong anywhere near the postseason. REDSKINS.

Chicago at Detroit: For some reason, the first meeting between them was close (13-7, Bears). The defense will once again make up for that shitty excuse for an offense that CHI has. BEARS.

Oakland at San Diego: I hate picking Charger games; these guys are freaking Jekyll & Hyde. CHARGERS.

Kansas City at Denver: Denver still has an outside shot at the #1 seed; they'll beat the living snot out of the Chefs ( <--- intentional). BRONCOS.

Arizona at San Francisco: Ryan Lindley, ladies and gentlemen... Ryan Lindley. 49ERS.

St. Louis at Seattle: The Rams have been playing well, but Seattle is on fire heading toward the playoffs. SEAHAWKS.


Who will score more points in Week 17: Denver or San Francisco? DENVER.

Who will score fewer points in Week 17: Arizona or New York Jets? NEW YORK JETS.

Who will throw for more passing yards in Week 17: Robert Griffin III or Russell Wilson? ROBERT GRIFFIN III.

Who will rush for more yards in Week 17: Chris Johnson or Knowshon Moreno? CHRIS JOHNSON.

Over/Under on points scored in Green Bay-Minnesota game: 41.5. UNDER.

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