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Hello APC’ers!

As some of you may know, MTD recently hosted a live draft, for which I volunteered to be the Green Bay Packers GM. With the help of some community discussion a week ago, and OBrienSchofieldismyHero offering advice on draft day, the 2012 NFL Draft was mocked to 7 rounds

After the jump are the results of draft, as well as some analysis, and a poll!

With the 28th pick in the MTD live draft, the Green Bay Packers select Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin.


Not my ideal pick at 28, but the only option I felt available. All of the 1st round OLB’s and DE’s that I was looking at were gone, except for Fletcher Cox. Whitney Mercilus went 22 to Cleveland, Devon Still went 24 to Carolina, Courtney Upshaw went 12 to Seattle, Melvin Ingram went 13 to Carolina, Michael Brockers went 15 to the Eagles, and Nick Perry went 16 to the New York Jets. During the draft I was tempted to trade up for Brockers, but giving up our first and second would be too much for me (if anyone would have taken the offer). And upon seeing Still fall, I offered our first (28) and fourth (124) to the Steelers at 24, but Carolina offered them their second (40), fourth (105), and fifth (136). My offer had more value, but I guess they wanted to move further back and get more picks. Konz is rated the 22nd best player by CBS anyways, so it offered some value. Personally I think Wells will be resigned, but I digress.

While I like Fletcher Cox, I want to see more of him before I make him our 1st round pick. Left with those options I tried to trade back into the first half of the second round, but no suitors were available. After the selection of Konz, the 49ers called asking for a trade. They offered their 1st (30) and 4th (126) for Konz, which I declined. What do you think, should I have accepted their offer and selected a different player at 30 (like Fletcher Cox), or should I have selected someone else at 28?

The Seattle Seahawks trade #43 to the Green Bay Packers for #60 and #92.

With the 43rd pick in the MTD live draft, the Green Bay Packers select Andre Branch, DE/OLB, Clemson


Now most of you are wondering why I would give up a 2nd and 3rd for Branch, and you’ll find out. First off, Branch is ranked the 35th best prospect by CBS. That’s similar to where I have him ranked, as a late first early second. He is a young pass rusher, who has the necessary athleticism and agility to play standing up. Every year his sack totals and play went up, he has a ton of upside, and his motor is great. I think this guy will do very well across from Clay.

But why the trade up? Vinny Curry was taken at 38 by the Jaguars, leaving only one impact 34 OLB in this draft by my reports. While I like other prospects, I just don’t see them having any impact until year 2 or 3. I see Branch making an impact by the midpoint of the season. Ronnell Lewis went to the Steelers at 40 (projected as an ILB for them), and I don’t think he would be effective outside in a 34. Bruce Irvin went 62 to the Jets (so he would have been available), but before I see Irvin playing a 34 OLB I need to see how he does in the combine, what he weighs in, his height, and how much he benches. Shea McClellin and Cam Johnson (my other top 34 OLB’s and 3rd round prospects) were still on the board, but I think they are going to take a few years to develop.

But why trade up so far? Originally I wanted to move up to around 49, so I could just offer our second and fourth. A deal was set up with the 49ers at 52, but then the Jaguars selected Curry at 38. With me not liking the other 34 OLB’s as much, and with Seattle (43), Dallas (45), Buffalo (47), and San Diego (49) likely landing spots for him, a trade up would be required to nab him. Interestingly enough, the Seattle GM mentioned that he was going to select Branch if he couldn’t trade out of that spot. We should receive two compensatory picks in the 4th round, so giving up our 3rd to move up won’t hurt so much.

With the 124th pick in the MTD live draft, the Green Bay Packers select Marcus Forston DT/DE, Miami


Billy Winn almost fell to us at 124, and Crick/Reyes were picked up early in the 4th. Sitting at the top of my board was Marcus Forston and DaJohn Harris from USC. Out of the two, Forston has a lot more potential. CBS has him listed as the 79th best prospect, which is higher than where I have him. Forston has some injury questions, and his technique needs to improve, but he produces when on the field.

With the 156th pick in the MTD live draft, the Green Bay Packers select Brandon Mosely, OT, Aurburn


He’s a big boy that can move well enough. Good tackle depth, and could swing inside to guard if necessary. CBS has him ranked as the 100th best prospect, about a round higher than me.

With the 188th pick in the MTD live draft, the Green Bay Packers select Christine Michael, RB, Texas A&M

With the 220nd pick in the MTD live draft, the Green Bay Packers select Emanuel Davis, DB, East Carolina

In summary: Konz was drafted at 28 due to BPA and me not liking the other options. A trade up in the second round got us Branch, but required our second and third to pull off. And with the savings of Konz over Wells, TT could sign a FE DE (who am I kidding), filling our top two defensive needs. Forston is a developmental prospect with some risk, but huge reward in the fourth. Mosely provides good depth in the 5th. And for the others, well my board got destroyed. So, yeah. How do you all feel about this? No real secondary help, but I think House will come in and play good, Shields / Tramon will bounce back nicely, and Collins returns.

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