If The Packers Traded Up, Who Should They Draft?

[Disclaimer for certain people: This isn't a very realistic scenario. Were the Packers to trade up, the 8th, 12th, or the 22nd pick would be the most realistic.]

So now that it seems possible that the Packers will tag and trade Flynn, a very realistic option opens up; Trading up in the draft, or trading one of our draft picks along with Flynn to get a high draft pick. Considering how we might have around ten or eleven draft picks this year, there simply isn't much room on the Packers roster for that many more players, so trading up might be more of a realistic situation.

Indianapolis, Cleveland, Washington, Miami, and Seattle all need legitimate quarterbacks. Luck's off to the Colts, leaving [at least] four teams vying for three quarterbacks; Peyton Manning, Robert Griffin, and Matt Flynn. What value does Matt Flynn have? Well, it's a guessing game now, but were the Packers to trade Flynn for a high draft pick, they could either get the 4th pick, the 6th pick, the 8th pick, the 12th pick, or the 22nd pick. Not to mention other teams like the Jets, Jags, and Cardinals who all have some specimen of a quarterback, but could all use an upgrade.

So the question is, what if the Packers had the 4th pick, the 6th pick, the 8th pick, the 12th pick, or the 22nd pick? [Disclaimer: This doesn't have a very likely chance of happening. Happy, Stroh?] Let's take a look at some high-level prospects that likely won't be available at #28.

Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU - Claiborne is thought to be a better prospect than Patrick Peterson, his fellow teammate from last year who went fifth overall to the Cardinals. Exemplary ball skills, great cover skills, and the top corner in the draft, Claiborne is much of a fantasy for Packer fans. Course, this would possible move Woodson to safety, and our secondary would be; Claiborne, Tramon, Woodson, Nick Collins. Who needs a pass rush with that?

David DeCastro, OG, Stanford - Thought to be a once in a decade prospect, DeCastro is the best overall OL in the draft. Drafting him would move TJ Lang to center or left tackle, as he would step in and immediately help out our OL. Very unlikely pick, but a good prospect who should be in the Pro Bowl for years to come.

Courtney Upshaw, OLB, Alabama - The best natural pass rusher in the draft would be an ideal fit for Green Bay. Upshaw consistently brings aggressiveness and intensity, he's a perfect fit in a defense that lacks it. Upshaw is my personal choice if the Packers decided to trade up in the draft.

Michael Brockers, DT, LSU - Brockers has excellent size at 6 foot 6, 310 pounds, and he'd be a great upgrade on the line. Heck, if we traded half our draft class to get Brockers, I don't think many Packer fans would complain. The best defensive line prospect in the draft, Brockers has the talent to dominate in the NFL.

Quinton Coples, DE, UNC - I'll be brief, Coples doesn't appear to fit in a 3-4. However, I've seen a few reports saying that he could be a good 3-4 DE if he bulked up, but.... Coples is the most athletic lineman in the draft, and he's got tremendous upside; Unfortunatly, I doubt he fits in Green Bay.

Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford - Either Riley Reiff or Martin would be safe pick [any pick that keeps Rodgers safe is fine with me], but OT in the first round three years in a row? I doubt it.

Devon Still, DT, Penn State - Still is a player whose stock is currently fluctuating. A toe issue kept him out of the Senior Bowl, and his stock could either skyrocket or plummet due to his combine workouts and Pro Day. The B1G player of the year isn't quite as talented as Brockers, but he's still a very gifted player.

Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin - The homer pick, and with Scott Wells departing, if the Packers moved up to #22, I think Konz would be a very safe pick. An athletic, smart, tough player, Konz is a perfect replacement for Wells, and he also can also play guard. Again, any pick that protects Rodgers is fine with me, but going offense over defense in the first still might be upsetting to some...

Melvin Ingram, OLB, South Carolina - Ingram might be available when we pick at #28. His stock is something that most draft analysts disagree on, and his combine/pro day workouts will help determine where he will get drafted. Ingram is an outstanding pass rusher, and he has the exact same measurables as Packers OLB Clay Matthews, at 6 foot 2, 275 pounds. Ingram has athletic ability, coverage skills, and a fiery pass rush that would be welcome in Green Bay.

No matter where we pick, I trust TT in his ability to draft players; That being said, I would be ecstatic if the Packers ended up with any of the named players above.

What do you think?

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