Could The Packers Trade Up In The Draft?

It worked when Ted Thompson made the bold move of parting with a 2nd round pick and two 3rd round picks to draft Clay Matthews. Could it work again? The Packers could be involved in discussions for trading up in the draft to secure a stud defensive player.

There are two players in my mind who should be seriously targeted by the Packers front office: No. Carolina's DE Quinton Coples, and So. Carolina's DE/OLB Melvin Ingram. If either of them are to fall out of the Top 15, Ted Thompson should put down an offer to get one of them.

Other players that I'd be interested in trading up for include Courtney Upshaw (OLB, Ala), Dre' Kirkpatrick (CB/S, Ala), and possibly Fletcher Cox.

The idea of trading up for a better player is a great idea, but only if Ted Thompson continues to be a player in Free Agency.

As we stand, the Packers have recently filled an immediate need at Center by signing Jeff Saturday. A few needs still remain: a starter at ROLB, a strong player on the DL, and depending on Collins' health (which will be determined shortly), a starting FS. The Packers are currently giving chase to Manny Lawson, a player who likely would resume the starting role at ROLB. If Lawson is signed, and Collins is determined to be healthy enough to play this season, then DL is the only immediate need (depth can be attained late in the draft).

In that case, trading up would be a smart move for the Packers. They could target Quinton Coples, Fletcher Cox, or Devon Still as guys who could be studs on the Line but likely won't fall to #28. Brockers and Poe are also possibilities, but I think both are overrated, and both are Nose Tackles, which we already have in Raji and Pickett.

1. Here's a scenario: Quinton Coples is still available at #13, when the Arizona Cardinals pick. The Cards who likely will look at the Tackles and OLBs available, see that the top 3 tackles (Kalil, Martin, Reiff) and the top 2 OLBs (Upshaw, Ingram) are gone. While they could use a DL like Coples, they already have a strong line, and they have many needs and would like to trade back for more picks. They might accept a trade of the #13 selection in return for the Packers' #28 selection, 2nd rd (#60) selection, two 4th rd picks, and 2013 3rd round and 5th round picks.

TRADE VALUE CHART- AZ 1,150 to approx. GB 1,210


With that trade, the Packers would be able to get an extremely disruptive athletic specimen in Quinton Coples, who is a great fit as a 3-4 DE. The Cardinals would be able to stock up on some more later picks, which helps them fill their needs and add depth. The Packers would not be ecstatic with parting with those extra picks, mainly the 2nd round pick. However, if Coples pans out, the Packers would be able to afford parting with the picks. The 5th and 6th rounders aren't big losses considering the Packers could have three 4th round picks and three 7th round picks.

Even after trading up, the Packers would still have one 3rd round pick, two/three 4th round picks, a 5th rounder, and at least four picks in the 6th and 7th rounds combined (depends on what they get as Comp. picks). Those picks could be used to add young depth all around the roster.

2. Another scenario: Fletcher Cox, a 298-lb lineman out of Mississippi State (ranked 16 by CBSsports, 19 by ESPN) slips a bit in the draft, to #22 where the Browns pick. The Packers decide that he is a perfect fit for their scheme, and that he could be an instant starter and playmaker on the defensive line. The Browns don't need a DT, and despite having many picks, decide that they would like to have even more. They opt to trade the #22 pick to the Packers for the #28 selection, #92 selection, and a 4th rd (#124?) selection.


The Packers would only do this if they felt Cox was undoubtedly better than other 5-tech prospects like Brandon Thompson and Jerel Worthy, but I could see that being the case.

TRADE VALUE: CLE 780 to GB 840

I think both of those scenarios would work very well for the Packers. I'm not ready to sell the farm for any players in this draft to get into the Top 10, but I'd be willing to give some picks up to move up 10-15 spots to get a stud like Coples or Cox.

I would also make a play to trade up for Ingram or Upshaw, if we fail to add Manny Lawson. One will likely be taken in the Top 10, but likewise the other one will drop out of the Top 10. The only issue with expecting them to drop past #15 is they are both extremely scheme versatile, and with such a high demand on pass rushers they could both be taken inside the Top 15.

Anyways, whatever Thompson decides to do is fine with me. If I were him I would at least look into trading up, just in case Coples happens to fall out of the Top 15 due to motor concerns to something like that. Tell me what you guys think.

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