MTD Live Draft #2 Results

Hello APC’ers!

As some of you may know, MTD recently hosted a live draft, for which I volunteered to be the Green Bay Packers GM. Actually, no one else volunteered so I took the job again. Anyways, taking into consideration your prior comments and discussions on this matter, I set forth to get us some good players and do a better job than last time. Here’s what went down on draft day

After the jump are the results of draft, as well as some analysis, and a poll!

Ingram went 14 to Dallas, Upshaw 15 to Chargers, Perry 16 to Titans, Brockers 21 to Eagles (Via Trade), Poe 24 to Steelers, Still 25 to Denver, and Mercilus 27 to Patriots.

I sent trade offers to move up and get Still or Mercilus, but I didn't want to give up our third to move up a few spots to select one of those two with Branch still on the board. If they would have taken a 4th, done deal. I got offers to move down, but they would have taken me out of the top half of the first round, so no thanks. So...

With the 28th pick in the MTD live draft, the Green Bay Packers select Andre Branch, DE/OLB, Clemson


First off, no, I'm not going out of my way to draft this kid, I just happen to feel that he's a first round talent at OLB for us. CBS Sports has him rated as the 31st best prospect, so they agree with me. Branch offers the athleticism to drop back into coverage (recruited as a LB and dropped occasionally in college), the ability to be a disruptive pass rusher, and the strength to set the edge (when standing up as an OLB). Taking plays off is not an issue with him; his motor and work ethic are great. He's improved every year as a player and can take advantage of the single blockers, but needs to work on pad level and hand placement. With Kevin Greene coaching him up on getting his technique down, we just solved our OLB problem.

**Trade Alert** The Green Bay Packers have traded the 60th (2nd round) and 188th (6th round) picks to the Buffalo Bills for their 72nd (3rd round) and 106th (4th round) picks.

Good players with high grades were dropping down the board because teams were constantly reaching for players. As such, I gambled that I could trade down into the top half of the 3rd round and still get the guy I wanted.

With the 72nd pick in the MTD live draft, the Green Bay Packers select Jared Crick, DE, Nebraska


Crick fills a need at DE for us, and offers versatility as a pass rusher. I believe he could be a perfect fit as that 34 DE that we've been looking. He's got a relentless motor and strength to hold the point of attack. He's not flashy as a pass rusher, but he gets into the backfield often. Way to much value to not pick him there. CBS likes him too, and has him rated as the 57th best prospect. Enjoy the value.

**Trade Alert** The Green Bay Packers have traded the 92nd pick (3rd round) to the Seattle Seahawks for their 107th (4th round) and 135th (5th round) picks.

**Trade Alert** The New England Patriots have traded the 95th pick (3rd) to the Green Bay Packers for their 107th (4th) and 156th (5th) picks.

The first trade worked so well let's do it again! Originally I didn't want to make the trade back up, but I felt I had to in order to get the guy I wanted. So through two trades I moved back 3 spots in the 3rd and moved up 21 spots in the 5th. Add in the Buffalo trade earlier, and I traded our 2nd, 3rd , 4th, 5th, and 6th rounders' for an early and late 3, an early and late 4, and an early 5 all total. Same number of picks, but got higher in each round for the most part. Anyways, back to the draft.

With the 95th pick in the MTD live draft, the Green Bay Packers select Ben Jones, C, Georgia


Interior line depth and future starter issues taken care of. Jones gives us good talent for depth at C and G. He can develop a little bit under Saturday and start either next year or the year after, and he could even fill in right now if necessary. Starting OL for the next 5+ years is solved; all are on the roster. How's that for continuity? Plus he's great value there, and CBS agrees with that (60th best). Plus, Brewster was already taken.

With the 106th pick in the MTD live draft, the Green Bay Packers select Derek Wolfe, DE, Cincinnati


Now hold on a second and let me explain this. Wolfe offers good value here (well at least in my mind, what does CBS know about him anyways?), and gives us a good strong DL rotation. With Pickett aging, the combo of Wynn and Wilson not doing much of anything, Neal being suspended, Green a free agent, and Guy an unknown, we could use 2 new guys for depth and competition. Wolfe offers a strong interior pass rush, and he doesn't get blown off the line of scrimmage either. Looks like a perfect 34 DE to me. Heck, he looks like he can even add 15 more pounds and not lose any athleticism. Gotta love those big guys.

With the 124th pick in the MTD live draft, the Green Bay Packers select Robert Turbin, RB, Utah State


When a 3rd round type of player drops down to me (CBS agrees - 96th best dude), I like him, and he's at a position that could use some good depth, I'm not complaining. Turbin is a great schematic fit for us. Good pass blocker and a tough inside runner who makes one cut and goes. Not a speedy back, but that's all cool. Had a few injuries in college, but this guy plays powerful and low to the ground. Say hello to your new competition James Starks.

With the 135th pick in the MTD live draft, the Green Bay Packers select Coryell Judie, DB, Texas A&M


Another kid with some injury issues, but the talent and physical tools are there to become a starter at CB. Plays tough and aggressive and possesses good speed for the CB position, as well as good size. A year or two of development and we could have a logjam at corner, not that I'm complaining. Heck, he could even fill in at Safety some. And because I'm nice, here's what CBS (151st) has to say about him. No, I'm not going to post it here and insult your intelligence. Really it's just because I'm lazy, but apparently not lazy enough to write up a report of the draft. Yes, I know that doesn't make sense, but don't ask me about it. Moving along.

With the 220th pick in the MTD live draft, the Green Bay Packers select Ryan Lindley, QB, San Diego State University


Ryan Lindley here offers way to much value. I've got him rated as a 5th round guy, and CBS has him as the 125th best. Great arm and prototypical size, and he can move decently. Has accuracy issues due to his bad footwork. He also needs to hold the ball higher when he drops. Luckily for him, he's got the best QB teachers in the game. We shall unleash him upon the world in 3 years' time and get a 2nd for him. Thank me later.

We were also allowed to pick 4 UDFA's, here are my picks:

Ryan Davis - DE/OLB - Bethune Cookman

Chigbo Anunoby - NT - Morehouse

Tramian Thomas - FS - Arkansas

James Carmon - OT - Mississipi State

In summary: Boom, issues fixed. Branch was drafted at 28 to be our bookend with Matthews. Trading down and all around got us Jared Crick at 72, Ben Jones at 95, Derek Wolfe at 106, Robert Turbin at 124, and Coryell Judie at 135. Crick and Wolfe will allow us to have a great and deep DL rotation for years to come and will help fix the pass rush from that position. Jones gives us interior line depth and a future starter at C. Turbin gives us good depth and a power option at RB, while Judie gives options at DB. Ryan Lindley gives us competition at the #2 QB spot.

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