Packers 2012 Mock Draft(Yes, yet another mock draft)

Round 1: Whitney Mercilus/DE/OLB/Illinois- The general consensus right now is that the draft master Ted Thompson will take a pass rusher with that first choice. As for which pass rusher that will be, nobody knows. I bet Thompson trades up and down 47 times before making a selection though.

Round 2: George Iloka/S/Boise State. A lot of people think the Packers should take Harrison Smith in this spot, however I like Iloka based on his size and explosive athleticism. The Packers are going to need a player in center field who can win jump balls with the likes of Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall. Let me put it this way(, being an NFL GM is like playing chess. You need to adjust your strategy based on what your opponents do. That doesn't mean go out and make free agent splurges, just allow yourself make proper adjustments based on what your opponents do. The Lions have Calvin Johnson and the Bears have traded for Brandon Marshall. This should tell Thompson he needs a playmaker with great size in the middle of the secondary or the Packers could run into trouble down the road. (Also before you all jump my case, CBS Sports has Iloka in rounds 2-3)

Round 3: Tyrone Crawford/DE/Boise State- Thompson also needs to address the defensive line, specifically the end spots. He should start by selecting Crawford here based on his size and athleticism.

Round 4A: Malik Jackson/DE/Tennessee. Ryan Pickett isn't getting any younger and who knows what is going to happen with Mike Neal and C.J. Wilson. Thompson continues to shore up the defensive line by taking another end.

Round 4B: Lucas Nicks/guard/Pittsburgh- The depth at guard frightens me, even more so then who will be the next center. Nicks would add some insurance here.

Round 4C: DaJohn Harris/DT/USC- The Packers can't continue to ask Raji to play every down of every game for the rest of his career. Harris would give the Packers the opportunity to give Raji a breather every now and then.

Round 5: David Molk/C/Michigan- With the signing of Saturday, Thompson bought himself time to figure out who will be the long term answer at center. I like Molk's skill set.

Round 6: Justin Bethel/CB/Presbyterian- The Packers need to continue to add depth at corner in this pass happy league, and you got to like a guy named Bethel coming out of a school named Presbyterian. Besides, Thompson loves his small school guys.

Round 7A: Brandon Hardin/FS/Oregon State. The Packers need depth at safety, and I like Hardin's size against the likes of Brandon Marshall and Calvin Johnson.

Round 7B: Jaymes Brooks/guard/Virginia Tech- The Packers need to add depth to their offensive line. Adding Brooks would help to accomplish that.

Round 7C: Adonis Thomas/RB/ Toledo- The Packers should let Grant walk and they need insurance in case Alex Green does not recover from his ACL injury.

Round 7D: Tysyn Hartman/FS/Kansas State- Yes, I understand this is my third safety of the draft, but let me make this clear. Without Collins, the Packers have one safety who broke his hand last year, and then a bunch of nothing. They NEED safeties.

Undrafted signings

Jarrett Lee/QB/LSU- Lee has a prostyle skill set. Problem is, he never got a fair chance at LSU. The Packers would be a perfect spot for him and they could turn him into the next Matt Cassel.

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