Simple argument why we're trading up.

This is for either situations. #1, we trade 1-3rd round picks to get up into the #14-16 range. Based on some infamous draft trade guru, there are points established for trades. @the 28th pick, we get 600, 300, and 132 points respectively, putting us inbetween the 1000-1100 range, where #14-16 lay. Philly is pretty loaded already, Dallas has cap problems, so that would leave us with the Jets at 16, and more reasonably, the Bengals at #17. I think Cincinnati is the more likely of the two, but we've had trade history with the Jets, so it's not unreasonable to think this through with one of those two teams.

So, both teams are in need of retooling, and getting extra picks to move down to the latter half of the first round wouldn't kill them, especially the Bengals who are piking at 21 already. Still, this would give them the chance to pick a lot of top 3 round talents, and we would get the impact guy that we so desperately need. Those teams are several guys away from a ring, we are only a small handful.

My first scenario is this: Nick Collins doesn't make it back. We showed what crappy safety play can do to us. I know, some of you will say that we weren't much better with Nick, but we certainly gave up a lot of plays that we wouldn't have with him.

The recent very cheap free agents will help spur competition and I think that we will get a little more effort out of our biggs this year than last. Muir and Hargrove are good guys that can do some damage. So this means that our newest, most urgent priority would be at Safety. Enter the trade to either the Jets or Bengals.

...."and with the 17th pick of the NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers select Mark Barron, Safety, from Alabama"

Aside for the guy from Notre Dame, there is no other safety that is good enough in this draft for our team, and Barron is head and shoulders above Harrison and can start immediately.

If Nick does make it back, simply put, we move up and grab the best guy we can get our green and gold hands on. CB Kirkpatrick, OLB Mercilus, DT Brockers, we would be able to pick and choose our guy instead of waiting and hoping for our guy to fall in our laps.

Salary cap plays into this as well. We are already up tight to the limit with our cap space. Adding 12 extra players to our roster doesn't make sense. 5-7 will only get about 300 k per, which by itself is 1.8 million. 4 will get about 400k per, bumps us up to 3 million. 3rd rounder 550k, 2nd rounder 650k, 1st rounder about a million. If we don't trade away some of our picks, we're looking at over 5 million in cap hits, which we cannot afford. If we trade away some of those to move up, we can pay the 1st rounder 1.25, and only be around 4 million.

Obviously, if Nick doesn't come back, we've got enough cash to go around, and we would if Driver and Clifton renegotiate their contracts.

If we do the trade from the 2-4th rounders to get higher up in the 2nd round, I can see us going for Harrison the safety, again, if Nick isn't with us. If he is, then we go get a DE, and an OLB or CB.

We don't have to worry about losing our on talent in the middle rounds, expecially with those two consecutive picks. There is still going to be a decent understudy available at center, and one or two effective CBs at that point. Hopefully House will be good to go this year, and we can groom that pick for next few years.

Rounds 5-7 are completely open to discussion. We'll get a QB, a RB, OL help, and probably another DE/OLB somewhere, maybe even an ILB to bring in to push Hawk.

This is by no means a "we've got to do... yah dah yah dah yah dah" post. This is a, "don't be suprised if we do this" type of post.

Whatever we do, I hope it brings us back to the promised land. I don't like those cheating bastards guys from New York with our trophy. It needs to come home.

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