Let's as Packer fans, not be too harsh on the Saints organization.

I'm all for debating who had the better season as a QB, or who is a better team, but this issue should not make us Packerfans rise up and demand someone's head.

Why may you ask?

2 words

Charles Martin.

November 23rd, 1986 was the infamous date. Jim McMahon and the Chicago Bears were coming off of their fantastic (hate to admit it) season where they absolutely punished everyone they played. This day was destined to be different. Charles Martin, wearing a towel with the numbers of some offensive Chicago players, including those numbers of Walter Payton and McMahon went into the game determined to take someone out. His chance came during a 3rd and 10 play. McMahon went to throw the ball, and it was picked off by a defensive back. There was no return, as the DB had to dive to get the ball. Well after the play, Martin, seizing his chance, bear-hugged McMahon from behind, pinning his throwing arm, lifted him up, and absolutely slammed him to the ground on his throwing shoulder.

Martin is ejectd, and suspended for 2 games. The Packers later cut him and he never plays a game for the Green Bay Packers again. He played for 2 more years; one season with the Houston Oilers and one season for the Atlanta Falcons.

McMahon was never really the same, and hopefully, he feels like things were evened out with winning of his second ring with the Packers. The Bears never won another superbowl, and haven't really been the same since.

Our franchise has had it's dark moments, so we should not be leading the charge for the saint's heads. I'm just happy that there was nothing that came out from the Packers that there was any indication of a bounty system, but this play, this player was deranged enough to do something far worse than anything that the Saints players did.

They're gonna get penalized. They'll get fined and probably lose picks. But we must not be the ones to lead the charge, no matter how you feel, becuase it just sounds terribly hypocritic. Like if Kobe Bryant was outraged and lead the charge against Big Ben for his sex scandals.

So let's not forget the black spot on our record, never repeat our mistakes, and work hard to be the best packers and packer fans that we have ever been.

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