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G'day Guys,

I am planning a trip to the US with a mate of mine around November of this year from Australia and I would like to take in a Packers game if possible. Call it a bucket list type thing. Oh, by mate, I mean buddy, we were both in the Navy, not life partner or anything. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

As someone who has never been to the States, let alone Wisconsin, can somebody answer some questions and give me some pointers/advice to make things a bit easier for me, rather than just arriving and hoping for the best?

Firstly, will I be able to get a couple of tickets? I know about the lockout but I have seen mentioned on more than a few posts that tickets are available, for the right price, if you know what I mean. Whats the best way to get them? In the carpark before the game or are there ticket outlets that will pre-sell them?

Secondly, this is being planned as a bit of a road trip where we (me and a mate) are flying into Toronto for a few days to catch up with another Aussie. Would it be better/easier to fly into Madison/GB or drive in from Canada and visit Chicago and Detroit on the way? I'm not really bothered about visiting either of those cities especially however I figure if we have to drive through them, we may as well stop. We are both in our 40's and have travelled to other parts of the world but driving through the heart of large cities just to look at the Sears Tower or the Motown Museum doesn't really excite us. Can we fly into GB or would we have to go via Madison? Give me some ideas please?

What else? The plan after GB and the North is to drive south to another friend in East Texas and then East to yet another mate in Florida. A long way I know but we are planning on about a month on the road all up. We want to experience small town America and not do too much time on the Interstate if we can help it.

Anway, thats the plan. I can't wait to see the NFL schedule I would really like to get to see a Divisional game but I'm realistic enough to know that it's going to be harder to get tickets, if at all.

So, any and all comments/tips/suggestions will be gladly accepted, please fire away!



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