MTD Live Mock Draft #3 Results

Hello APC’ers!

As some of you may know, MTD recently hosted a live draft, for which I volunteered to be the Green Bay Packers GM (for the 3rd time I might add). First off, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the war room thread, as your contributions were very helpful in our recent mock draft. This was the 3rd and final mock, and hopefully each draft offered some improvement from your feedback (1st draft here, 2nd draft here). So lets see how we did!

After the jump are the results of draft, as well as some analysis, and a poll!

If you're interested, here is a link that lists all the picks in the mock draft.

Some surprises happened leading up to our pick, as well as some expected results. In a shocker Michael Brockers went 3rd overall to the Vikings. Somewhat less surprising were the other picks, which resulted in our first round targets being gone except for Devon Still and Andre Branch. I attempted to trade back into the first half of the second round, but no team was interested in trading up to 28. Which locked in our result to be:

With the 28th pick in the MTD live draft, the Green Bay Packers select Devon Still, DT/DE, Penn StateDevon_still_illinois_v_penn_state_lflqp_qxiytl_medium

If there's one thing I learned from following Ted Thompson, its that you can never have enough quality trench people. Still easily fits that description and has all the traits you want in a 34 DE. Still really came on strong in his senior season, due in large part to staying healthy and improving his pad level. He's strong at the point of attack, and has little difficulty stacking and shedding single blockers. When he rushes the passer he routinely is disruptive due to his quickness, but doesn't always finish the sack. This all leads to him being rated as the 28th best player by CBS. I think he steps in and starts at RE right away, and is a future replacement for Pickett.

Seeing as how I had 4 OLB prospects still on the board, I wanted to wait some before trading up for one. The idea being its better to use our 2nd and 4th round picks instead of our 2nd and 3rd round picks. Unfortunately it didn't exactly work that way. A run on OLB/DE's started at 42 thanks to Miami, which I tried to trade into (and above). Other teams had the same idea as well, as the Cowboys, Seahawks, and Chargers got our OLB prospects. Needless to say, I was upset. But I had a plan, and I would not be denied our pass rusher. When it finally came to our pick, we got our guy.

The Green Bay Packers have traded the 59th and 90th pick to the Seattle Seahawks for Bruce Irvin, DE/OLB, West Virginia


What happened was the Seattle GM being receptive to a trade. He had a prospect that he liked, and we agreed to trade our 2nd and 3rd round picks to for Bruce Irvin's rights, who went 46 overall. Think of it as trading our 2nd and 3rd for the 46th overall.

Back to Irvin. At this point in his very young career, he is quite simply a pure pass rusher. He's had a lot of struggles in his life (JSonline has a story on him), but has huge potential. Miscast as a DE in West Virginia's 3-3-5 defense, Irvin racked up 14 sacks in 2010 and had a "down year" with 8.5 sacks in 2011. He has exceptional speed, explosiveness, and agility, but is also very raw. That's okay though as Frank Zombo is okay against the run and Still can help shore that up. We'll just unleash him on passing downs while he learns to play OLB. CBS has a good analysis on him as well.

With the 123rd pick in the MTD live draft, the Green Bay Packers select Malik Jackson, DE, Tennessee


Getting two DE's was a goal of mine in this draft, and I thought Jackson offered too much value here to pass up. CBS has him ranked at 117, so not to shabby. I think of Devon Still as an immediate starter at RE, and an eventual starter at LE. Malik Jackson is a situational pass rusher and rotational guy right now, and eventual starter at RE. Has ideal size and length for the RE spot in a 34, and has the tools to be a consistent pass rusher for us. Just needs to get a little stronger and work on technique. Our DL now has some great depth and great competition along it. In case your wondering about the picture, he was a transfer from U$C. That picture is just too great not to use it.

With the 132nd pick in the MTD live draft, the Green Bay Packers select Senio Kelmete, OT/OG, Tennessee


With the 133rd pick in the MTD live draft, the Green Bay Packers select Coryell Judie, DB, Texas A&M


With our two comp picks, I selected an OG and a DB. Senio Kelemete played LT for Washington, but is going to make the move inside to G where we could use some depth. Good athleticism and has a nasty streak, but needs to work on strength. Good thing our strength coach is so good huh? Coryell Judie is a talented prospect with great athleticism, he just needs to stay healthy. Has all the skills to develop into a starting corner in our system, just needs some time.

With the 163rd pick in the MTD live draft, the Green Bay Packers select Quentin Saulsberry, OC, Mississippi State


Depth at center and possible starter. Four year starter with the movement skills we like in our centers. Similar to Wells in a number of ways. If you're interested in more about him, CBS is your place to go.

With the 197th pick in the MTD live draft, the Green Bay Packers select Christian Thompson, S, South Carolina State


Depending on Collins, he could be a future starter or solid depth and special teams player. A transfer from Auburn, he has everything you look for in a safety. CBS likes him as the 149th best prospect.

With the 224th pick in the MTD live draft, the Green Bay Packers select Aaron Corp, QB, Richmond


Our Developmental QB. Was set to become the starter at U$C before a knee injury opened the door for Barkley to start. Aaron Corp transferred to Richmond after that where he struggled with consistency. He has all the tools and the makeup you want in a QB, he just needs some more work. Good thing we have the best in the biz at developing QB's.

With the 235th pick in the MTD live draft, the Green Bay Packers select Jacquies Smith, DE/OLB, Missouri


Good value here (CBS has him at 181), and also fills one of goals in this draft. I wanted two OLB's for depth and competition, and Smith fills that roll nicely. To small to stick at DE, but has the athleticism to stand up and play OLB in a 34. Needs to improve on technique, but what prospect doesn't. The 49ers hit gold with one Smith from Missouri, we try to do the same.

With the 241st pick in the MTD live draft, the Green Bay Packers select Najee Goode, ILB, West Virginia


Depth and competition at the ILB spot.

With the 243rd pick in the MTD live draft, the Green Bay Packers select Chase Ford, TE, Miami


Not very productive in college, but you can't teach size. Ford has the size you covet in a TE, so he's worth a late round flyer, especially after a good East - West Shrine game showing.

We were also allowed to pick 5 undrafted free agents, and here where my selections:

Kyle Nunn, OT, Southern Carolina
Alvester Alexander, RB, University of Wyoming
Ishmaa’ily Kitchen , NT, Kent State
Scott Wedige, C, Northern Illinois
Quinton Richardson, S, Washington

As you may note, we got Ishmaa'ily Kitchen, NT, Kent State. Now we have the Freezer and the Kitchen, just need the Chef.

To summarize: Devon Still at 28 and Malik Jackson at 123 solve issues at DE. Both offer pass rush and run stopping skills, and should help free up Raji and our LB'ers. Bruce Irvin at 48 offers amazing upside and immediate pass rush, while Jacquies Smith at 235 offers upside and depth at OLB. Senio Kelemete at 132 and Quentin Salisburry at 163 offer depth and upside along the OL. Coryell Judie at 133 and Christian Thompson at 197 are potential starters and solid depth / developmental picks in the secondary. Aaron Corp at 224 could be the next Matt Flynn, while Najee Goode at 241 and Chase Ford at 243 bring competition.

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