Devaluation of the Running Back Position In Today's NFL...

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I don't profess to be the smartest guy in the world, but it seems to me that if the NFL is an ever changing, copy cat league, and teams are moving towards a more prolific passing game, utilizing mismatches with TE's, Slot Receivers, and RB's out of the backfield against LB's, then having a RB with those skills would be a major asset. Marshal Faulk comes to mind immediately. I realize there aren't too many Marshal Faulk's running around out there, but, when a guy like Matt Forte is roughly 50% of da Bears offensive production, it's hard to argue he isn't worth his pay check.

With many college teams lining up in the Spread Option offense, and more NFL teams going to a spread type offense, I believe it's safe to say we've seen the last of 3 yards and a cloud of dust in the NFL, but, just when you think you'll never see something again is when it usually comes back around. When the "I" formation, winged "T" and Split back formations evolved in the NFL, nobody thought we'd see the Single Wing again, but, the "Wild Cat" could be considered a version of the old Single Wing offense...

The Green Bay Packers have been spreading defenses out more and more, utilizing 3 and 4 WR's, not to mention Jermichael Finley at TE. By spreading the defenses out Aaron Rodgers has the ability to throw to whoever the biggest mismatch is, or the open receiver, (much like the old Run & Shoot offense of the early 90's) but, it does have it's drawbacks. With more people in the patterns it leaves the QB more vulnerable to injury, due to less protection. Aaron Rodgers has proved to be a great QB. He's also proven very agile, mobile, and hostile to opposing defenses.

Personally, I don't want Aaron Rogers to be our second leading rusher. I applaud the fact that he can move in the pocket, avoid the rush long enough to throw lasers between coverages. I love the fact that when protection breaks down he can extend the drive by picking up 1st downs. I don't like the fact that he's a concussion away from being our Offensive Coordinator the next week though...

There is no doubt the Green Bay Packers are a pass 1st offense. I'm not proposing we go to the Full House "T" formation, but, I do feel we need an additional RB in this years draft. I'm not suggesting we draft one in the first 3 rounds, but, if one of value were to fall to GM Ted Thompson, I wouldn't be adverse to him taking one in the 3rd or 4th... Or later. Grant is no longer on the roster. Starks and Green have had injuries, and Brandon Saine is yet unproven. Kuhn is coming off a knee injury and should be fine according to him.

While the NFL as a whole may be devaluing RB's these days, there is no denying the production of a decent back, or the value of a well timed block in blitz pick-up, the difference of which can be a TD, rather than a sack.

Since the Packers are a passing team, and have plenty of weapons in which to get the ball to, I might put a premium on a guy that could be a good short yardage back, pick-up the blitz, and grind out a few yards when we have the lead.

One such guy, I wouldn't mind TT looking at in the 5th round, would be Terrance Ganaway, RB Baylor ~ 6'0"/239lbs.

03/22/2012 - Baylor Pro Day: Not to be lost in the day's events was the impressive performance by running back Terrance Ganaway, who ran his 40-yard dash times in the low 4.5's after running a 4.65 at the Combine. He also lifted 225-pounds 22 times on the bench and looked smooth catching the ball. After entering the season as an undrafted free agent prospect, Ganaway could be a top-125 draft pick next month. - Dane Brugler,

Don't get me wrong, there is no mistaking Ganaway for Shady McCoy or Jamal Charles, yet in Green Bay in January, when Justin Tuck is bearing down on Aaron Rodgers, I wouldn't mind having a guy like Ganaway waiting for him. Think more along the lines of Michael Turner or Mike Tolbert. Is Ganaway a finished product? No, but, what 5th round pick is?

Go Pack Go!

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