Green Bay Packers Mock Draft at CSR

Hey there Acme Packing Company, over at Cat Scratch Reader, the Panthers SB Nation blog, we did a community mock draft and I represented the Packers. I want your opinion on my draft.

I didn't make any trades, here's my picks:

1.28 pick was Courtny Upshaw, rush linebacker, Alabama


I was surprised he fell to me. The Packers let up a lot of a passing yards last year and a big reason was the lack of pass rush, drafting Upshaw will help Clay Matthews and the Packers corner backs.
Players I took Upshaw over: Devon Still, Peter Konz, and Coby Fleener

2.27 pick was Jared Crick, defensive end, Nebraska


Another player to help out the pass rush. Jared Crick will make Matthews and Upshaw's jobs easier. I believe Crick is best suited to be a 3-4 end so another plus.
Players I took Crick over: George Iloka, Mychal Kendricks, Billy Winn, Ronnell Lewis, Brandon Brooks, and Kelechi Oseleme.

3.28 pick was Brandon Washington, offensive guard, Miami Florida


Pure BPA pick. Washington is expected to be an early third round pick by most and was the best player left on my board. Gives the Packers great guard depth and a compition for a starting guard spot.
Players I took Washington over: Nigel Bradham, Dwight Bentley, Michael Brewster, Sean Spence, and Trenton Robinson

4.28 pick was Ben Jones, center, Georgia


This pick was a best of both worlds pick. He was the BPA and he fills a need. The Packers get their starting center of the future for the price of a fourth round pick.
Players I took Jones over: Michael Egnew, Matt McCants, Coryall Judie, and Travis Lewis

4.37 pick was Malik Jackson, defensive end, Tennessee


I saw that the Packers GM in Mocking the Draft Live picked Jackson in the third round. So I pounced on him with my pick here. Jackson is another defensive lineman that will make Matthews' and Upshaw's jobs easier, while making Jay Cutler's even harder.
See the next pick to see who I took Jackson over.

4.38 pick was Tom Compton, offensive tackle, South Dakota


I got some great offensive line depth and possible starters early in the draft. With Chad Clifton most likely to be cut, the Packers will be thin on tackle depth, Compton will come in and try to fix that. Compton was probably my least favorite pick in the draft, I rushed it slightly. But offensive line depth is never a bad thing.
Players I took Jackson and Compton over: Marcus Forston, Janzen Jackson, DeQuan Menzie, Shaun Prater, and Ryan Steed

5.28 pick was Deangelo Peterson, tight end, LSU


Yet another BPA pick. Peterson is expected to be a fourth rounder by most people, and he falls to the bottom of the fifth. I really like this pick, one of my favorites of the draft. Peterson has some very high upside and can develop into a starting tight end.
Players I took Peterson over: Asa Jackson, Robert Turbin, Bernard Pierce, Omar Bolden, and Oliver Vernon

6.28 pick was Christian Thompson, free saftey, South Carolina State


I was pretty suprised he made it to me here. Thompson is a projected fourth or fifth rounder by Thompson will also provide a solid backup to Nick Collins, and if the Packers are lucky his future replacement.
Players I took Thompson over: Kyle Wilber, James Hanna, Jeff Fuller, and Miles Burris

7.17 pick was B.J. Coleman, quarterback, Chattooga


I really like B.J. Coleman, I think he could be a huge steal in this draft. Getting him in the seventh round is a steal to me. Matt Flynn is gone, time to find someone that to backup Rodgers and hopefully get something for him (Coleman).
Players I took Coleman over: Matt Reynolds, Junior Hemmingway, and Chandler Harnish

7.28 pick was Chris Galippo, inside linebacker, Southern California


Galippo will be inside linebacker depth.
Players I took Galippo over: Adrian Hamilton, Desmond Wynn, and Travain Robertson

7.34 pick was Terrence Frederick, corner back, Texas A&M


Gave up a lot of yards through the air, corner depth can't do anything but help.
Player I took Frederick over: Lamarr Holmes

7.36 pick was Dan Herron, running back, Ohio State


I really like Dan Herron, I think he can be very good if all goes well. The Packers didn't have much of a running game in 2012, did they really need one anyway? Couldn't hurt taking a little pressure off of Rodgers, give him four different guys he can hand the ball off to.
Players I took Herron over: Chase Ford, Jack Crawford, Garrett Celek, Tim Benford, and all the undrafted free agents

We were allowed three undrafted free agents, here are mine:

George Bryan, tight end, North Carolina State

Lance Lewis, wide receiver, East Carolina

Brandon Lindsey, rush linebacker, Pittsburgh

Here is the Google Docs Draft Tracker for anyone who wants to see it.


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