2009 Packer Draft

Now we find ourselves at the 2009 Packer draft. I apologize for the little snafu for the 08 draft. My source is straight from, so if my draft list is not accurate, blame those turds. If you don’t know by know what I’m doing or why I’m doing it, go back to the previous posts that have a similar title from me. You guys know what to do. There weren’t as many picks in this draft as in previous drafts. We traded a lot to get two 1st round picks.

Round 1, Pick 9, DT B.J. Raji

Next Position Available, Peria Jones (15)

Best Player Around, DE Brian Orakpo


Round 1, Pick 26, OLB Clay Matthews

Next Position Available, James Laurinaitis (9)

Best Player Around, WR Hakeem Nicks


Round 4, Pick 109, OT/OG T.J. Lang

Next Position Available, Troy Kropog (24)

Best Player Around, RB Mike Goodson


Round 5, Pick 145, FB Quinn Johnson

Next Position Available, RB Javon Ringer (28)

Best Player Around, T Xavier Fulton


Round 5, Pick 162, OT Jamon Meredith

Next Position Available, George Bussey (8)

Best Player Around, RB Javon Ringer


Round 6, Pick 182, DE Jarius Wynn

Next Position Available, Stryker Sulak (17)

Best Player Around, TE Bear Pascoe


Round 6, Pick 187, DB Brandon Underwood

Next Position Available, Brian McCain (1)

Best Player Around, LB Steven Hodge


Round 7, Pick 218, LB Brad Jones

Next Position Available, Moise Fokou (12)

Best Player Around, WR Demetrius Byrd

We definitely hit it on the head with the top two picks. Today, NFL radio on Sirius was going over this draft, saying whether or not the pick was a good one or not. . . Well, After Stafford, Raji was the next one and only one in the top 10 who were considered to be draft successes. Trading up didn’t hurt us, especially considering that we gave up so many picks to get into the 1st round again. Clay is arguably, much better and versatile of a player than BJ is, but since they play different positions and have different skill sets, it’s hard to determine who is more important to our defense. Getting Clay so late in the 1st most certainly makes him a better value.

Aside for Meredith, There weren’t any picks that didn’t initially make the team, and several of them are still with us and or made serious contributions to the Super Bowl Run. Overall, I’ve got a feeling that the 2012 draft is going to look a little like this; where perhaps we trade down a few picks to get an extra 3rd rounder, then trade our 2nd, two 3rd’s and 4th rounders to jump way up into the second or back into the 1st round to get another top pick.

In just about every case, aside for Quinn Johnson's pick, I can't pinpoint someone who I would have picked differently. We needed a FB, but I think Johnson would have been there much later in the draft, and Ringer may have been a better pick. I can't find anything else to complaina bout.

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