2010 Draft

I started this last week, sort of as a simple refresher for many people. I like digging through some things - perhaps it appeals to my former MI life in the Army. Looking at data is what we do. So we started this voyage down memory lane with the 2005 Draft, and continue today.

Noe we come to the Super Bowl Year, 2010. Everyone drafted this year received a ring and forever the title of "Champion." If you don’t know the drill by now, look at previous posts and figure it out. We’re rating the drafts. Not too many picks again in this draft. Somehow we lost a 4th round pick and picked up a 5th. I can’t remember and am too buzy lately to be bothered with finding it out. One things for sure, one of you guys will know and fill the rest of the world in.

Round 1, Pick 23, OT Brian Bulaga

Next Position Available, Rodger Saffold (10)

Best Player Around, RB Jahvid Best


Round 2, Pick 56, DE Mike Neal

Next Position Available, Terrence Cody (1)

Best Player Around, LB Pat Angerer


Round 3, Pick 71, SS Morgan Burnett

Next Position Available, Major Wright (4)

Best Player Around, WR Eric Decker


Round 5, Pick 154, TE Andrew Quarless

Next Position Available, Brody Elridge (8)

Best Player Around, QB John Skelton


Round 5, Pick 169, OT Marshall Newhouse

Next Position Available, Sam Young (10)

Best Player Around, RB Anthony Dixon


Round 6, Pick 193, RB James Starks

Next Position Available, Charles Scott

Best Player Around, QB Joe Webb


Round 7, Pick 230, C.J. Wilson

Next Position Available, Jammie Kirlew(2)

Best Player Around, Not sure

In looking at this draft, a few things stand out to me. Mike Neal has the potential, however, we overlooked a guy from Alabama in Terrence Cody, who was picked immediately afterwards. I don’t think that Cody has done much for stats, but he is a solid contributor for the Ravens last I checked. I’m not sure if TT has something against Nick Saban and/or the University of Alabama, but personally I think that those guys are more prepared as a university to do well in the NFL than any other university in the NCAA. Aside from that one pick, I wouldn’t change anything else in this draft personally – either picking Cody or OLB Angerer. Especially since we jumped ahead of the Bears to take their guy, Morgan Burnett. –insert menacing laughter here -- We got good players late, and a quality starter early. Most, if not all are still on the team.

That being said, Newhouse, Starks, Burnett, and Bulaga have all started at one point of their careers. Starks was a monster in the playoffs, and I’ve got a feeling that he would be more of an integral part of our offense if it wasn’t for the Beast of a QB that we do have today. Newhouse will fight with Sherrod for starting T, which is a good thing, considering that as a 5th round pick, he’s developed, learned, and has become a solid guy. Burnett is a star in the making and Bulaga seems to be a mainstay for the forseeable future.

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