Complete UDFA List after the Frenzy

I'm not going to take credit here. Go here for the list.

We got:

Dale Moss, WR, South Dakota St

Darius Reynolds, WR, Iowa State

Marcus Rivers, WR, Buffalo

Eric Lair, TE, Minnesota

Cameron Ford, TE, Wake Forest

Nic Cooper, RB, Winston-Salem

Marc Tyler, RB, USC

Duane Bennett, RB, Minn

Tommie Draheim, OL, SD State

Randy Colling, NT, Gannon

Dezman Moses, DE, Tulane

Dion Turner, DB, Southern Utah

Sean Richardson, SAF, Vanderbilt

So, first impressions. 3 Wide Recievers? Don't we already sort of have a log jam at that position? A few runningbacks, no suprise there. I'm bummed that the Browns got Garth Gerhart, and the Bears of all teams got James Brown. But since they probably have an opportunity to start immediatly at those teams, I can see why. Job security probably lead them to those teams. We got Tommie Draheim, but I know nothing of him as I'm not from the SoCal area. We collected players from all over; with some from very small schools, to middle schools, to big conferences.

Of this list, the only one I care about with a realistic chance for making our team is the Safety. He's a big guy; 6'3", 216. He's a 3 year starter and was 3rd in the SEC with 5.2 solo tackles per year. He has 4.5 speed (High 40 time of 4.40, low 40 time of 4.62). He did 22 reps for the bench press, so for a safety, the boy is jacked. 38.5 Verticle, 10 Foot Broad Jump, 4.44 Shuttle, 7.01 Cone. At his pro day, he improved his shuttle and cone around .1 - .15 seconds. He's listed as a Strong Safety, and is little more than asprinter who will lay the wood at this time. Give him a year on the PS or as a backup learning from our guys; hopefully he can develope into something special.

If you want to fill in some info on the rest below, feel free.

Of my origional list of UDFAs, only the following are still not accounted for.

Thomas, Darron QB 6'3" 220 Oregon 55

Witt, Patrick QB 6'4" 225 Yale 53.5

Bolden, Brandon RB 5'11" 222 Mississippi 55

Meggett, Davin RB 5'8" 218 Maryland 48.7

Waldron, Dustin T 6'5" 305 Portland St. 66.5

Francis, Justin DE 6'2" 268 Rutgers 57.5

Paige-Moss, Donte DE 6'3" 268 North Carolina 56

Cattouse, Sean FS 6'2" 211 California 58.5

Among these guys, I'd like MEggett, Waldron, and Witt, the QB from Yale.

What are your thoughts?

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