The Best Defense is a Better Offense...

Responding to a comment by Shoes31 on another thread, I had a crazy idea.

What if Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy go a different route in this years draft?

What if they decided they wanted the best offense in the league?

What if they were of the mind to out-score everyone no matter what?

They do have the reigning MVP and arguably the best QB in the league, in Aaron Rodgers.

What if TT & MM decide to go offense in this years draft? I don't think it'll happen, but, yet it isn't as improbable as it might seem. We are all assuming that TT will go defense heavy in this draft, but, it will all depend on who is available and how they are rated on TT's board.

It really wouldn't surprise me if they wanted to reload their offensive weapons to give Aaron an unbeatable arsenal... I figure that TT and MM can justify just about anything they do if they try hard enough. Let's just for the fun of it, look at the possibilities if TT were to go BPA and there were more offensive players available than defensive.

TT trades down with the Browns ~ The Browns trade their 37th pick, 100th pick, and 118th pick (from the Falcons) for the 28th pick in the 1st round.

2nd Round ~ #37th ~ Stephen Hill ~ WR ~ Georgia Tech 6'4" 215lbs ~ 4.36 speed ~ Excellent Blocker too... TT just can't pass up the potential, speed, and value when he drops to #37.

2nd Round ~ #48th ~ David Wilson ~ RB ~ Virginia Tech Falling 10 spots from his #38th ranking TT trades our 59th, 100th, and 197th pick with NE for their 48th pick to draft arguably the fastest feature back in the draft.

3rd Round ~ #90 ~ Bruce Irvin ~ OLB ~ West Virginia Due to his recent arrest, Irvin as fallen all the way to TT in the 3rd round. Excellent value that TT can't pass up and Stroh is happy... : )

4th Round ~ #123 ~ Mike Brewster ~ C ~ Ohio State Ranked #112, TT grabs the center of the future...

4th Round Comp Pick ~ 132nd ~ Malik Jackson ~ DE ~ Tennessee Natural 3-4 DE? We'll see...

4th Round Comp Pick ~ 133rd ~ Tony Bergstrom ~ OT ~ Utah Can never have too many good OT's...

5th Round ~ #163 ~ Brandon Hardin ~ FS ~ Oregon State 6'3" 222lbs FS with 4.36 speed ~ TT did good! : )

7th Round ~ #224th (from Jets) ~ James Hanna ~ TE ~ Oklahoma TT has to draft one TE, might as well be a good one.

7th Round ~ #235 ~ Micah Pellerin ~ CB ~ Hampton ~ CB with Safety experience ~ Special Teams/Developmental

7th Round ~ #241 Comp Pick ~ Sean Richardson ~ SS ~ Vanderbilt ~ 6'2" 216lbs ~ Special Teams/Developmental

7th Round ~ #243 Comp Pick ~ Case Keenum ~ QB ~ Houston ~ Can't help but give the Packers an Abilene Eagle to develop at QB... Case is a great kid and should really thrive under MM's coaching and guidance.

Personally, I don't think it'll happen, but, I've seen worse mock drafts for the Packers. I would be interested to see if TT does go defense heavy or if he trades to get into position to draft the defensive players he's targeted. I assume we'll draft both offense and defense with a slight emphasis on pass rushing DE's or OLB or both.

Go Pack Go!

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