Argument why Aaron Rodgers may never get to throw for 5,000 yards

This is the most simple argument ever. He is too good to throw for that many yards. Last year, for example, we witnessed, what most everyone who has watched the NFL closely will admit, was one of the best season-long performances by a QB, ever. He still only ended up with only 4643 yards.


Mike McCarthy pulls him out of blowouts to give his backups time to gain experience (a-hem sean peyton).

Last year, Rodgers sat out, obviously the final game. He also, however, sat for a full quarter during the Broncos game, and sat for a little more than a quarter during during both the Minnesota and Oakland blowouts. If you add onto that, the San Diego game, where during the 4th quarter, the Packers did not throw the ball once, and were fighting off a serious charge, there is a solid 2 games where Rodgers did not play or did not need to throw becuase they were up so big.

This was also with one of the worst defenses in Packer history. I don't know if we've ever been dead last in yards allowed before, but that is sure to improve. How does an improved defense affect Rodgers? Many would argue that he will have more time with the ball, and more opportunities to rack up the yardage and score more TD's. I'm taking it in a different direction. This is going to lead to more dominating blowouts and less close games where Rodgers has to throw the ball late to get that game winning or game securing score. With more blowouts, I can see even more time sitting on the bench, while McCarthy gives Harrell, Coleman, or Hill an opportunity to show what they're made of.

More blowouts lead to more time on the bench. He's going to become better and better as he grows as a player. As he is already the best player in the league, and only getting better. So why won't the best player at his position not going to be gunning for every record in his position? A) His coach isn't a running-up-the-score-cheater and B) his team is too good to allow him to play more than necessary to secure the deal.

He will get more MVP's, he will get more division titles, but 5,000 yards is not going to happen.

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