The 90 Man Roster By The Numbers: Offense

The vast majority of roster turnover has already happened. There might be a few players not yet on the roster who squeeze out one of the 90, but by & large, this is the group who will face cuts down to 80 on the 28th of August & the final cutdown to 53 on the 2nd of September. The following is an early projection at who makes the roster.
Players with a 75% chance or better of making the 53
Players with a 75% chance or better of making the roster, but may not count against the 53 to start the season

Players with a 25-75% chance of making the 53
Players with a 25% chance or less of making the 53

See the full list & depth chart after the jump.

QB (4): 2 or 3
Aaron Rodgers
Graham Harrell

BJ Coleman
Nick Hill

Harrell being the only back-up with experience in the system means he's pretty much a lock. Coleman may make the roster if the team is worried he won't make it to the PS.

RB (5): 3
James Starks
Alex Green (possible PUP Candidate)
Brandon Saine
Du'ane Bennett
Marc Tyler

Saine has some competition nipping at his heels. Will he step up & prove he deserves to make the roster? If Green starts on the PUP, Saine's pretty much a shoe-in.

FB (3): 1 or 2
John Kuhn
Jon Hoese
Nic Cooper

It's possible (likely?) that we only go with one FB again this year, and keep Hoese or Cooper on the PS in case of an injury to Kuhn.

WR (12): 5 or 6
Greg Jennings
Jordy Nelson
James Jones
Randall Cobb

Donald Driver
Tori Gurley
Diondre Borel
Curenski Gilleylen
Dale Moss

Marcus Rivers
Shaky Smithson

Driver, Gurley & Borel will fight it out for the 5th (& possibly 6th) WR spot.

TE (7): 3, 4 or 5
Jermichael Finley
DJ Williams
Andrew Quarless
(possible PUP Candidate)
Tom Crabtree
Ryan Taylor
Eric Lair

Cameron Ford

If Quarless starts the year on the PUP, that's good news for the prospects of Crabtree & Taylor both making the roster. Taylor has shown little value on the offensive side of the ball, but his special team prowess may net him a roster spot.

OL (17): 8 or 9
Bryan Bulaga (T)
Josh Sitton (G)

Jeff Saturday (C)

TJ Lang (G)

Marshall Newhouse (T)

Derek Sherrod (T)
(possible PUP Candidate)
Evan Dietrich-Smith (C/G)
Andrew Datko (T)

Ray Dominguez (G)
Sampson Genus (C/G)
Shea Allard (T)
Don Barclay (G)
Jaymes Brooks (G)

Grant Cook (G)
Tommie Draheim (C)
Mike McCabe (T)
Herbert Taylor (T)

Datko's got the talent, so if he's fully recovered from his injuries, they'll hang on to him. Dominguez made the roster off of the PS late in the year, so the team sees something in him, pretty likely candidate. Genus was a PS guy who didn't make the 53 last year, could he steal EDS's spot? Taylor was kind of brought in on "emergency" last year, so unless they're not real comfortable with the T depth they have have, more than likely they go with a younger guy.

I have:
20 players in the "most likely" category, with as many as 3 possibly not counting against the 53 to begin the regular season
12 players in the middle category
17 players in the "long-shot" category [two who have already been cut]

If TT's past history has taught us anything it's that a few of the long-shot guys might make the team. I'll throw out a few guesses: Dale Moss & Jaymes Brooks. There will probably be around 25 or so roster spots devoted to the offense. That leaves us with a maximum of 8 of the remaining 27 players making the roster. What's your best guess on the remaining 8 spots?

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