Green Bay Packers 2012 Roster Projection: Cornerback

My favorite thing about Charles Woodson? Although the majority, and prime, years of his career were elsewhere, his HOF credentials are all pretty much from his time in GB. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-US PRESSWIRE

If you are brave enough to travel the internet beyond this website (and why would you even want to do that?), you probably have come across a writer, blogger, or some sort of expert question the Packers' secondary this offseason. It's not an outlandish question since they did give up too many big plays and a historical amount of yards last season. Despite this fact a part of me is expecting this unit to be one of the best, if not the best, unit for the team this year. The talent is there this time around, and if the pass rush can even be mediocre expect a big year from the cornerback position.

Roster locks: Charles Woodson, Tramon Williams, Sam Shields - Lots has been said about what position Woodson will play, but I think when you look at what he is expected to do this year it won't be radically different from what he did last year. Since he was a CB last year I'm going to put him in the CB spot again this year. Williams should have a solid to great year in 2012 provided he can stay healthy. Shields is the biggest question mark, hopefully with some safety help he can show that 2010 wasn't a fluke.

Job security: Ironclad - The only guy who could lose his job out of these three is Shields. Even if Shields disappoints he will just lose playing time and not a roster spot.

Backups: Davon House, Jarrett Bush - I hate putting Bush as a back up. I don't believe that he's a back up in this group really, but he will be if the Packers need him to play ...provided injuries strike the positions group again. House is a guy I expect to be in the rotation and provide some size and stability that was missing last year.

Job Security: Ironclad - Bush isn't going anywhere due to his special teams ability. This may change in a year or two (special teams tends to be a young man's game and he's been at it a while), but for 2012 I would be surprised if Bush doesn't make it. House is only in his second year and seems healthy. As long as he's not a total failure in camp he will make the team and push for the nickel spot.

Rookie contributor: Casey Hayward - He's an interesting prospect but not much buzz about him from mini-camps or OTA's. If he can show a bit of talent in training camp it wouldn't be too difficult to play his way on to the field even though there is a glut of talent ahead of him.

Job Security: Ironclad - Thompson doesn't trade up to get a guy in the second round just to cut him right away. Heck, Pat Lee was drafted in the second round, showed nothing, and got his full rookie contract out of the Packers. If Hayward can make a play or two in the preseason with the ball skills draft experts talked about then he could get some significant playing time this year.

PUP / Practice Squad: Brandian Ross - Ross was a darling of last year's camp and may get the Packers to think twice about keeping 7 CB's, but he's just not quite there yet. He's got good size (6-0 191 lbs), but will probably need one more year to develop. He could possibility push for a job next year if Shields or House flame out or Woodson makes a full transition to safety.

Cut: Otis Merrill, Dion Turner - I'm sure they are nice guys, but I haven't heard anything to suggest they are any more than camp bodies.

Roster spots remaining: 5

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