I gots a pockett full of cash and I'm not afraid to spend it....

So, we're coming up towards the Pre-Season, and look to be fantastic again. I can't wait. I've been greedily looking at every article on when I'm not busy at work, and came across one that was actually decent. It was about the cash available to each team for the salary cap. #1 Jags, #3 Browns, #8 Colts, no big suprise there at all. But #9 is a big suprise. The team in the NFC North with the highest available to spend is the Green Bay Packers with $$ 11,255,804 available to spend.

So I must ask myself a question. Is there a specific reason why we did not go after Mario Williams? We could have made an enticing offer. Or we could have went after one of the other free-agents in the mix. But what is past is past, and we're looking towards the future. With that much cash to spend, what are we going to do with it all? The most logical option is to front load some free agents from the next two years to make their contracts a bit cheaper later on. Am I incorrect in this thinking? I think not.

So here are a list of the Free Agents from next year

Unlikely to worry about resigning right now... EDS, Robert Francois, Donald Driver, Brett Goode, Tony Hargrove, Brad Jones, Tim Masthay, Charlie Peprah, Herb Taylor, Erik Walden, Tom Crabtree, Johhny Jones, Diondre Borel, Sampson Genus, Frank Zombo, Jarius Wynn, Daniel Muir, Anthony Levine, Tori Gurley, Brandian Ross

These are the FA's to consider working out a new deal with.

Greg Jennings - He's going to cost a pretty penny. A competitive contract is going to cost the Packers somewhere around the 8-10 millions per year contract. The Packers could work out a 4-5 year deal with him, pay him a little less, then front load the contract this year with extra goodies.

TJ Lang - A fairly solid starter for the last few years. If we sign him now, give him a million or two for a signing bonus, and give him a raise up to about 3 million per year, I think it can be done.

Sam Shields - Given his status as a player who has shown flashes of solid play, but last year didn't do so well, I think we could get him pretty cheap. If we resign him before the season kicks off and he shows how good he is, we can get him quite cheap, like less than Bush money.

Here are the ones who will be free agents after next season: Ryan Pickett, James Jones, Jeff Saturday, John Kuhn, Mike Neal, Andrew Quarless, Marshall Newhouse, James Starks, CJ Wilson, Graham Harrell, Vic So'oto, Jamari Lattimore, MD Jennings, Shaky Smithson, Ray Dominguez, Brandon Saine

These are players that will require a ton of $$ in 2014. Would it be better to lock them down early for a long period of time?

BJ Raji - A fantastically versatile player on the defensive line. He can play every position and play them well. Without him, we don't win a Superbowl in 2010. If we lock him down with extra cash this year, could he be cheaper in the future?

Jermichael Finley - It was mutually agreed by both parties to see where he is after this contract. There is no chance to resign him today.

Clay Matthews - One of the most amazingly underpaid players in the league, Clay is also probably the best player in the league whose contract does not exceed 1 million dollars per year. If we throw 10 mil at him this year, could we keep him for 5 years after that at 5 million per?

Morgan Burnett - The only bright shining point of our defensive backfield last year, Burnett played fantastic; both injured himself, and in varied positions that other injuries forced upon him. He's going to get Nick Collins type money and that's not hyperbole. I think signing him now just makes that big ticket happen earlier. He's the type of player that is going to require deep pockets. Might as well continue to get him for cheap I think.

So tell me what you guys think about this...

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