Green Bay Packers Training Camp: Ted Thompson's Thoughts After Day 4

July 26, 2012; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson looks on during training camp practice at Ray Nitschke Field in Green Bay, WI. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE

We've had the pleasure of hearing from Mike McCarthy after each day of Green Bay Packers training camp, but the media got an extra interview yesterday. Both McCarthy and Ted Thompson took the time to speak to reporters, so I took the time to summarize Thompson's press conference. You can check out the summary of McCarthy's press conference right here.

- Charlie Peprah is a great guy, but it was time for him to move on and cutting him early gives him a chance to catch on somewhere else.

- Thompson pleased with the quality of depth on defense. He says they have more pieces for Dom Capers to work with than last year, but he's not going to get too excited since camp is just started. Everyone needs to wait and see what happens as camp progresses.

- Everyone feels more comfortable than last year because of the lack of a lockout, but Thompson says every team probably feels the same way.

- The Packers did not have a gameplan at the NFL Draft to draft all defensive players early, they just stuck to drafting for value. He also thinks the bad press about the Packers' defense last year was overblown.

- Thompson liked D.J. Williams' versatility when he drafted him out of college; he likes him on the line of scrimmage and moving around. Mike McCarthy likes tight ends and he thinks McCarthy would use as many good ones as he can get him.

- The team is always considering moves at QB, but they like Graham Harrell. Thompson said that he was impressive in college and that he's improving. He's a good player that they have a lot of faith in, and Thompson called him a 'great teammate'.

- On Family Night, Thompson is not a fan of watching the Packers play the Packers. The only part of Family Night he likes is the fireworks, but it's a good way to get everyone ready to play games.

- McCarthy and his staff are flexible when deciding what 53 players to take for the final roster. They try to keep the best players regardless of position, so the roster might look unusual.

- On concussions and other injury issues, he said that he hates seeing players hurt and would like to wrap everyone up in bubble wrap. He's concerned with concussions and other health issues just like everyone else, has faith in all of the work the league is doing to learn more about safety.

You can watch the full video of Thompson's press conference right here.

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