Green Bay Packers Training Camp: Practice Notes 8/14

Tori Gurley (86) likely improved his chance at a roster spot somewhat today, putting up a good performance with Diondre Borel (19) unable to practice.

It was another early afternoon practice for the Packers on Tuesday in a tuneup for their preseason game against the Browns at Lambeau Field on Thursday. Here are the big hits from practice.

  • Ryan Pickett and M.D. Jennings returned to practice after being excused for personal reasons earlier in the week, while Jermichael Finley remained out with his quadriceps injury and Greg Jennings also was held out due to his concussion (WH).
  • The team was in shells, preventing Cedric Benson for practicing in pads for the first time as a Packer (MV). He participated in all drills, though.
  • Marshall Newhouse also was a full participant, an encouraging sign that he isn't suffering any ill effects from his concussion (RD).
  • The first hour-plus of practice was exclusively group, individual, and special teams drills instead of any team or 7 on 7 drills (RD). Once team drills finally started, Jordy Nelson had the highlight of the day, making a one-handed catch over Casey Hayward down the sideline (WH, MV).
  • Alex Green isn't shying away from contact, even in shells. He was putting his shoulder down and delivering a hit to Brad Jones on a play up the middle (TD), an encouraging sign for someone rehabbing an injury (even if it is a knee injury).
  • Both backup quarterbacks saw extended time and both were inconsistent. Graham Harrell missed Nelson on a back-shoulder pass in the end zone right after hitting Tori Gurley on a slant route for a score (TD). He was later picked off on consecutive plays by Brad Jones and APC favorite D.J. Smith (TD). B.J. Coleman later missed a throw to Nelson in the end zone, then connected with Andrew Brewer deep (MV). Oh, and Aaron Rodgers and Donald Driver connected for a score (MV). No biggie. Rodgers also schooled the defense on a naked bootleg for a score (TD).
  • By many reports, Tori Gurley had a very good practice, catching multiple touchdown passes and even returning a few kickoffs.

This was the first practice that went over two hours in quite a while, as the team seems to be slowly getting bodies back on the field. We'll have more as the day goes along.

As always, my thanks to the heavy lifters:

RD: Rob Demovsky
MV: Mike Vandermause
JW: Jason Wilde
TS: Tom Silverstein
WH: Wes Hodkiewicz
TD: Tyler Dunne
PD: Pete Dougherty
BC: Brian Carriveau


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