Green Bay Packers Roster Cuts: Kevin's Picks Before The Axe Drops

June 12, 2012; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers wide receiver Shaky Smithson (16) catches a ball during the team's mandatory minicamp at Ray Nitschke Field. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-US PRESSWIRE

This afternoon, the Green Bay Packers will have to trim their roster down to 75 players, as will every other NFL team. The team already announced five cuts prior to the weekend, with the most notable cuts being defensive end Anthony Hargrove and offensive tackle Herb Taylor. We also learned earlier today that Jarius Wynn has been cut. A total of nine more players have to go today.

Position by position, here are the leading candidates to get the axe today.

Specialists: None - The Packers did not bring in any specialists to compete with their starters at kicker, punter and long snapper.

Quarterbacks: None - B.J. Coleman will get to play in the fourth preseason game, probably for an extended period of time.

Running Backs: Duane Bennett, Marc Tyler - It's tough to come up with 10 guys that you want to axe from the team at this juncture without cutting at least one of these two guys. It would be a tough break for Bennett, who has been injured. Tyler has been healthy, but hasn't looked like an NFL caliber back in his preseason appearances.

Fullbacks: Nic Cooper, Jon Hoese - One of these two guys should stick around to the final cut, but don't expect either to make the team.

Wide Receivers: Shaky Smithson, Curenski Gilleylen, Dale Moss - It wouldn't be stunning to see all three of these guys go, and it would be truly shocking if at least two of them didn't go. There's simply no room for any of these guys on the roster, where as guys are still possibly fighting for backup jobs at other positions.

Tight Ends: Brandon Bostick, DeMarco Cosby - Another case of decent guys getting caught up in a position of depth. Neither has any chance of making the roster. One or both of them could go on Monday.

Offensive Linemen: Shea Allard, Don Barclay, Tommie Draheim, Sampson Genus, Greg Van Roten - No backup offensive linemen have been great in preseason, but one of these guys is probably going to make the final roster. Barclay is the least likely of this group to get cut, probably followed by Genus. One or two of these five should get cut.

Defensive Linemen: Lawrence Guy, Phillip Merling - I'm leaving Daniel Muir ahead of these two, for the moment. I'm not sure another defensive linemen gets cut, but these two are sure candidates.

Linebackers: None - Brad Jones is the most likely to go if anyone goes, but the coaching staff probably wants to give all of these guys one more shot. The race for backup linebacker spots is close.

Safeties: None - I don't think Sean Richardson has a chance to make the team, but I think they'll keep him around until the final cut and try to get him on the practice squad. Anthony Levine has earned another preseason game with his play so far.

Cornerbacks: Otis Merrill, Brandian Ross - I'm expecting one of these two to get cut on Monday.

Picks: HB Bennett, FB Hoese, WR Smithson, WR Gilleylen, TE Bostick, OT Allard, OG Van Roten, DE Guy, CB Merrill

What do you guys think? Give your picks in the comments.


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