APC Pick 'Em Contest - Week 2

Alright, folks... week 1 is officially in the rear-view mirror. Our leader heading into week 2 is VCF, with 12 out 15 correct picks (nicely done, sir). Coming off a bad set of picks? Don't worry! Chicago comes to town on Thursday night, giving you a chance to right the ship almost immediately. Here are the complete standings (my picks are after the jump):

Username		      Week 1 Points
Vermont Cubs Fan		   12
tmoneyttime1			   11
aaronetc			   11
Clutch16			   10
stratefaced			   10
RaY210				   10	
uofmike				   10	
Weezy685			   10
ShareholderBehindEnemyLines	    9
Jacob Padilla			    9	
Wiedmann			    9
mike_o				    8
Lynch012			    8
Bush League All Star		    8
osc630				    7
AdamA				    7
Matt Keegan  			    7
TwoShoesMcGooze   		    7
Steve From Fl                       7
OBrienSchofieldismyHero		    7
gunslinger			    7
Tarynfor12			    6
BirdDogUni			    6
jimf				    6
bnbfishin			    5
ObiBraunKenobi			    4

Couple of things to cover before my picks:

- All week 2 picks are due by Thursday, Sept. 13 at 7:20 ET.

- If you rec'd the week 1 post, please un-rec it so these posts won't be cluttering the FanPost section.

- Please give this post 2 recs.

- With that said, good luck!

mike_o's Week 2 picks:

Bears at Packers: Packers - Chicago looked strong in week 1, but I don't see the Pack losing two in a row at home to open the season.

Buccaneers at Giants: Giants - The defending champs are another team that can't afford back-to-back home losses to start 2012.

Raiders at Dolphins: Dolphins - Both teams looked bad in week 1; just gimme the home team in this matchup.

Texans at Jaguars: Texans - Houston was dominant in week 1 vs MIA; JAX struggled to take the Vikings to overtime.

Browns at Bengals: Bengals - They didn't look too good on MNF, but they get Brandon Weeden and CLE at home this week.

Chiefs at Bills: Chiefs - Both defenses gave up 40 points last week... at least KC was facing a decent offense.

Ravens at Eagles: Ravens - BAL looked strong against a good Bengal defense. Philly squeaked by the Browns... I'm taking the Ravens here.

Saints at Panthers: Saints - Wouldn't be surprised if Newton slices and dices their D. This one's a coin flip for me.

Cardinals at Patriots: Patriots - I stand by my week 1 analysis... GRONK SMASH.

Vikings at Colts: Vikings - Really hope this pick is wrong, and that Luck plays much better at home.

Redskins at Rams: Redskins - The RG3 show continues.

Cowboys at Seahawks: Cowboys - It's been a while since Dallas has played, but they looked good in New York.

Jets at Steelers: Steelers - We'll see if Sanchez and Co. can repeat their week 1 performance.

Titans at Chargers: Chargers - SD came out of the gate strong in Oakland, and they'll win their home opener, too.

Lions at 49ers: 49ers - Very interesting matchup... I'm taking SF to win the Handshake-gate rematch.

Broncos at Falcons: Broncos - I like the Broncos' D more than ATL's.

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