What needs to be done so that the Bears don't 49er us

Good morning boys and girls, first and foremost I would like to acknowledge that it is September 11th and my prayers and thoughts are with the families of the victims, and all the families who has lost someone in the War on Terror in response.

It is hard for us Packer fans to control our emotions when we take a difficult loss at home like we did on Sunday. So I am going to to try and be as logical and even headed about my opinion as I can. We all can agree that it was just the first game of the year, but there are some issues that need to be adressed so that we arent possibly facing a 10-6 non playoff type of season. Do I think that will happen? No, but it is obvious that around the league teams are closing the gap on us, or have already.

Keep in mind that I am a fan just like you guys and am sharing my opinion as I perceive the games, feel free to share yours and contradict me. Just realize that I am not interpreting my opinion as fact upon anyone. Furthermore, I am listing a few things that I have seen over the course of the pre-season and our first regular season game after the jump.

First: Mindset

The Packers seem a bit lackadaisical at times on offense and defense, and it was obvious with their showing against the 49ers. We didnt match their intensity or their physicality from the start of the game and throughout most of it. It isnt a news flash that Bears defense is aggressive and physical in their own right. However they will likely take the blueprint that the 49ers put on tape and obviously try and enforce their will on us. Losing is never really a good thing, but maybe the Packers will respond with their back up against the wall a little bit. Its been quite some time since they have been in this situation so we will see what happens...It worked pretty well in 2010.

Second: Running game

You could argue that the secondary should be in place here but I decided the running game because it could directly affect the defense. I say that because if we can get more that an average of 2 yards per rush, we can at least control the clock to some degree. I know that we aren't going to be facing the Bears and 49er defenses every week of the season, however it is likely that we will see them in the post season. Running the ball does not seem to be much of a priority in MM's mind, but that has to change. I am not saying that we grind the ball up the field all day and look forward to a 7-3 victory each week. I don't have a solution for the issue, maybe it is personnel and scheme but I am none the less baffled by it.

Third: Sedondary

Or you could just say Jarrett Bush.. Just kidding, but he is defiantly not shining in his opportunity to start. The guy is a good tackler and has great attitude, but he is STILL a liability when playing the ball in the air. What is more discouraging is that the other guys in the secondary not named Charles Woodson are not looking much better. I am still baffled that we were giving Michael Crabtree a 10 yard cushion. I am sure a more educated individual on the subject would argue that it is part of the zone blitzing scheme and what not but really? It doesn't seem to be effective at this point. I would also like to add that the middle of the field in coverage is softer than baby poop. I cringe every time I see the quarterback throw it into the middle of the field because I know it is just going to be a 33 yard catch and run. To me it seems logical that a guy with the speed of a Sam Shields could be utilized manning up down the sideline instead of standing flat footed watching the ball sail over his head.

Forth: Predictablity

Now I know I am no where near the football mind of Mike McCarthey, but is anyone really going to bite on the play action anymore? Seriously, I think teams are going to take their chances with Benson stumbling for a two yard gain instead of Jordy Nelson taking one to the house up the sideline. How do we mitigate that? Possibly being more effective in running the ball how ever we may need to do that. I know that a lot of us are puzzled by the call to take a 50 yard shot down the field on third and short, but I don't really have a problem with that so much. What I do have a problem with is us doing it when we are in a position to tie the game and the likely hood of us connecting on that are slim when we just need to pick up a first down to stay in the game. Once again, I am sure there is a logical reasoning somewhere.

What do you think? Are we all overreacting ? Should we be illegitimately concerned? None the less, let us never forget what a tragic day this was 11 years ago and the effect it has had on all our lives. God bless those who sacrifice for us, and all of you. GO PACK GO!

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