APC Pick 'Em - Week 4

My apologies for getting this up so late in the week, everyone. As was the case in week 1, the Thursday night game (CLE-BAL), will not be included in the pick 'em (again, my bad... ). Feel free to peruse the standings just below, lol @ my total of 4 points, and then jump to my picks:

Username		      Week 3 Points		Overall Point Total
Vermont Cubs Fan		    7 				 29
uofmike				    9				 28			   	              
Weezy685			    9				 28
aaronetc			    7				 28
RaY210		         	    6				 27			    				 			    				 			    				 
tmoneyttime1		            6			         27
Wiedmann			    8				 26
Clutch16			    8				 25				    				 				    				 
ShareholderBehindEnemyLines	    7				 25			    				 				    				 				    				 			    				 		    				 				    				 				    				                       				  
OBrienSchofieldismyHero		    7				 24
jimf				    8				 23			    				 
Matt Keegan  			    7				 23
osc630				    7				 23
gunslinger			    8				 22
AdamA				    7				 22
Jacob Padilla			    6				 22
Tarynfor12			    7				 21
BirdDogUni			    6				 21
Bush League All Star		    5				 21
mike_o				    4				 20
ObiBraunKenobi		 	    7				 18
Lynch012			    0				 16
TwoShoesMcGooze   		    0				 16
PackerFanInTN			    8				 15		    				 			    				 			    				 			    				 			    				 			    				 			    				 				    				 				    				 
bnbfishin			    0				 14			    				 			    				 			    				 			    				 			    				  			    				 			    				 
Steve From Fl			    7				 14
packallday555			    7			 	 12
stratefaced		   	    0				 10
P-Townfan			    0				  8
REV MARK			    5				  5


1) Week 4 pick deadline: 1:00 PM ET/12:00 PM (that's noon, for the mike_... err, slower among us) Central.

2) The new format kicked us and several other posts off of the front page, so please rec this post twice to keep it up there.

3) Good luck!

And now, mike_o's Week 4 picks [trying something new this week (and no, it isn't not-sucking... hey, I see you snickering back there! Stop that!)] :

New England at Buffalo - The Pats are angry, and Buffalo will be without their top 2 RBs (Jackson, Spiller). PATRIOTS.

San Francisco at N.Y. Jets - So... what happened in Minnesota last week, Niners? Could be a fluke, but we'll see. 49ERS.

Seattle* at St. Louis - It disgusts me to even type that city's name. RAMS.

Carolina at Atlanta - Dirty Birds are 3-0, but have yet to play within the division; could be a tough game (unless the LOLPanthers show up again). FALCONS.

Minnesota at Detroit - Surprising 2-1 start for the Vikes, could be 3-1 if Stafford is out. LIONS.

San Diego at Kansas City - I don't know. CHARGERS.

Tennessee at Houston - They played a close one (23-22, Titans) in Houston last year, but the Texans look better this season. TEXANS.

Cincinnati at Jacksonville - No dome here, so the Bengals don't have to worry about last-minute 80-yard bombs from Blaine Gabbert to Cecil Shorts. BENGALS.

Oakland at Denver - Seabass. RAIDERS.

Miami at Arizona - I retract any statement I made about ARZ being an easy opponent. (But, Kevin Kolb... what is this? I don't even... ). CARDINALS.

Washington at Tampa Bay - RG3 keeps it close, but Schiano and the Bucs improve to 2-0 at home. BUCCANEERS.

New Orleans at Green Bay - Those Packers might be a little extra motivated this week. Just sayin'... . PACKERS.

N.Y. Giants at Philadelphia - Running out of things to say here, so... . GIANTS.

Chicago at Dallas - No Indy or St. Louis at home for Duh Bears this week. COWBOYS.

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