NFL week one power rankings

I was just over on ESPN checking out there power rankings and decided to go ahead and put together my own. Here are my power rankings for week one-

1.Packers- Of course

2.Patriots- This may be a little high, but you have to trust them.

3.Steelers- Last season was somewhat of an aberration for this team. They will get it figured out

4.49ers- We will see how long before Randy Moss quits on this team, and if he does, it will take Harbaugh two seconds to gather the stuff from his locker and toss it out into the street.

5.Giants- Im sure to hear it for this one, both ways- too high and too low

6.Falcons- Is this the year?

7.Ravens- Trending downward

8. Lions- Hopefully they can go an entire season without losing their cool.

9.Saints- I think this may bee a little too high. There are just too many distractions for this team to hang around in the top five.

10.Texans- The AFC South belongs to them now for the time being.

11.Eagles- Can Vick stay on the field the entire season?

12.Titans- I think it was too early to make Locker the full time starter.

13.Bengals- Will there be a sophomore slump for Dalton and Green?


15.Cowboys- Um, no.

16.Chargers- This is this year's "old team that is out for one last hurrah"

17.Bears- Da Bears. Kind of like your brother or sister- can't live with em' can't live without em'.

18.Cardinals- I think Skelton could be a great QB.

19.Rams- Not even on a desert island does Jeff Fischer let this team roll over and die for 16 games.

20.Panthers- Everyone loves Cameron Newton right now, but let's wait until things start to get bad within the next couple of years. Then we may see the real Cameron Newton- the boy who bails on his team when things go bad.

21.Broncos- I think that Peyton Manning is just there to buy time for Brock Osweiler

22.Bills- How many times will the fighing Fitzpatrick's circle the wagon in 2012?

23.Colts- They will be interesting to watch.

24.Redskins- I think Griffin could be a great QB- later, not now, later.

25.Buccaneers- Raheem Morris lost his job the minute he said "I can't control what my players do".

26.Dolphins- There may be some trades made between the Packers and Dolphins over the next few years. Write it down.

27.Chiefs- Bite me. That's all I have to say about these guys.

28.Seahawks- I think Pete Carroll is making a big mistake by starting Wilson, and he is showing why he has no business being an NFL head coach.

29.Browns- "Mike(Holmgren), you are one of the best head coaches in recent memory, but you SUCK as a GM"

30.Vikings- For the first time in YEARS, the Vikings had a peaceful offseason.

31.Jets- I know this one may get tons of backlash, but this team is a train wreck. This is about to get UGLY.

32.Jaguars- Ppppppppppppppphhhhhhhhhhhhh........

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