I've got to get something off my chest

So here we go again gentlemen, another season of hope and promise. Today for us, was a disappointment, but we should expect as much from our team. The Chiefs gave the world a blueprint on how to beat us, and so far, two teams have seen that blueprint and followed it to the letter. That blueprint is as follows.

1)Get a strong pass rush using only your front 4 defensive linemen. Our line is decent, but when you can get pressure with only 4 linemen, you're going to have the tactical advantage. There are more coverages you can do and you don't have to worry about blitzing. Blitzing actually becomes a weapon used sparingly and suprises the offense into making mistakes. Fortunately, we've got Aaron Rodgers, who negates a lot of this.

2)Control the clock. Either by rushing for first downs or by passing for first downs. This makes it difficult for Aaron Rodgers to get on the field and when he's not on the field, he's not getting into a rhythm with his recievers and they're not as dangerous. Also, when your offense controls the tempo, your four linemen are getting a breather on the sidelines and will be able to rush harder later into the game. When our d-line is gassed, those guys are still fresh and ready to go.

3)Press coverage. It doesn't have to be man, but when someone hits our WR's in the start of their routes, they're not as dangerous and those d-linemen again, have a little longer time to get to Rodgers.

4)Don't commit turnovers. Giving our team extra chances with the ball is like playing russian roulette. It's suicide.

5)Get a lead quickly. The Packers are an absolutely nightmarish team - WHEN THEY ARE LEADING. Aaron Rodgers can bring a team back, but not all the time. He's much better with a 3 point lead and the opportunity in the 4th quarter to turn it into a 10 point lead.

Our last 3 losses have been just like that. Now, I know, most teams don't have the personnel to do this to us. . . However, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, New York, Houston, and the Lions can all put that sort of licking on us. That is 8 games, one of which we lost. Now, I'm not saying that we're going to lose all of them. But if we don't learn from this, we may leave those 8 games with a sub .500 record.

Which brings me to something else...

Where is our press coverage? When we were at our best, see the 2010 playoff and superbowl run, we were a press man defensive team. We didn't have amazing d-linemen. If you think Cullen Jenkins is Reggie White, you're sorely mistaken. But that press man, even with those ticky tack 5 yard defensive holding penalties that came with it, also gave Raji, Jenkins, and Matthews time to get to the QB.

Nowadays, we run this retarted scheme where we sit off the defenders so often. We gave Moss a 10 yard coushion on many of his plays, despite him not proving that he is as goos as advertized. We sit off these guys and expect the QB's to make mistakes. Nothing deep, everything underneath. This is great, however, we're playing too soft and not giving the WR's and QB's anything to think about.

If I could make one suggestion to Capers and McCarthy, it would be to employ more Tight man coverage. Put a stick on the WR's chest to screw up their timing, so that passes aren't as crisp. You don't have to play man all the time. Hit them hard, then fall back into a zone if that's what is dictated, but we need to take our blueprint and use it against other teams.

You may feel free to eviscerate me in the comment sections.

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