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Packers vs. 49ers, 2013 NFL Playoffs: San Francisco wins to advance to NFC Championship

The San Francisco 49ers are heading to the NFC Championship after Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore tore the Green Bay Packers' defense to pieces.

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Film Study: How Not to Defend the Zone Read

Wherein we try to examine what went so horribly wrong on the 49ers' long touchdown that broke open Saturday's game.


A Loss Of Identity

The postseason defines what a team is and how they will be remembered. On Saturday night the Packers defined who they were in 2012 by forgetting their identity and trying to be who they wanted to be instead of playing to their strengths.


Packers embarrassed by an ostrich

Colin Kaepernick, Frank Gore and the San Francisco 49ers rushing attack absolutely decimated the Green Bay Packers to book a place in the NFC Championship game.


Packers vs. 49ers: Second half thread

Chat with APC during the second half of the NFC divisional round playoff game between the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers.


Halftime update: Niners lead 24-21

Colin Kaepernick hasn't completed half of his passes and he threw a pick-6 on his first drive, but he's absolutely massacred the Green Bay Packers with his legs, and he hasn't made any mistakes once he's gotten into the red zone. A pair of turnovers flipped the script on the game, and the San Francisco 49ers lead 24-21 at halftime thanks to a couple of touchdowns off turnovers.

Sam Shields put the Packers ahead early by picking off Kaepernick and sprinting 52 yards to the end zone. On the 49ers' second drive of the day, Kaepernick was much more effective and managed to get outside the pocket on a few runs. His biggest came at the end of the drive, when he scored with his legs from 20 yards out.

After an exchange of punts, the Packers got things going with their second offensive drive. DuJuan Harris was key, carrying the ball five times on that drive and capping it off with an 18-yard touchdown run to give his team a 14-7 lead.

The Packers looked to have all the momentum when they forced the 49ers to punt on their ensuing drive, but Jeremy Ross muffed the punt to give the 49ers a free possession in the red zone. Kaepernick capitalized, finding Michael Crabtree for a touchdown. The pair would hook up again on their next drive, following a terrible interception by Aaron Rodgers, to put San Francisco up 21-14.

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers answered with a great six-play, 80-yard touchdown drive capped off by James Jones with a big 20-yard touchdown catch. However, the Packers couldn't hold the tie heading into the locker room. They let Kaepernick use his legs to get into field goal range, and David Akers converted from 36 yards to give the Niners the lead.

Kaepernick has an incredible 107 yards rushing on 11 carries at halftime, and Dom Capers is going to have to seriously alter his scheme to account for Kaepernick's running. The Packers' defensive gameplan did not appear to account for Kaepernick's running prowess whatsoever.


Turnovers doing in the Pack

Turnovers are doing in the Green Bay Packers. Not long ago, they had forced the San Francisco 49ers to punt, and were about to get the ball back up 14-7. Since then, they've turned the ball over twice, and both of those turnovers have led directly to touchdowns. With just under six minutes remaining in the 2nd quarter, the Niners lead 21-14.

Aaron Rodgers executed a perfect armpunt on the Packers' most recent drive, hurling a prayer downfield for Jordy Nelson that got nowhere near the Packers receiver. Tarell Brown picked him off deep in his own territory, then pulled off an impressive return to grab great field position for the Niners.

Colin Kaepernick set his team back a bit by picking up a taunting penalty following a great first down run, but made up for it quickly by hitting Michael Crabtree with an absolute bullet of a 20-yard touchdown pass for his second passing touchdown of the game, as well as Crabtree's second receiving touchdown.


Niners tie it up after muff

A couple of horrible mistakes by the Green Bay Packers have absolutely gifted a touchdown to the San Francisco 49ers when momentum appeared to be very much against them. The Packers did very well to force a punt at midfield early in the 2nd quarter, but Jeremy Ross muffed his punt return, and the ball was recovered by the 49ers.

Big plays on 1st and 2nd down by the Packers' defense, including a sack by Erik Walden, appeared to set up a crucial stop for the Packers. But on 3rd down, Charles Woodson bit hard to the outside on crossing routes by San Francisco's wide receivers, leaving the center of the field wide open. Colin Kaepernick found Michael Crabtree down the center, and he was able to walk into the end zone.

In a matter of four plays, the Packers went from very much in control of the game to tied up with the Niners, and in need of an impactful drive.


One quarter down, three to go

It's been an exciting quarter of play at Candlestick Park, with momentum swinging back and forth dramatically between the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers. Colin Kaepernick has been responsible for spectacular touchdowns for both teams, while DuJuan Harris has come to life and is the difference between the two teams so far. After one quarter of play, Green Bay leads 14-7.

Kaepernick kicked things off with an interception on his first drive, which was returned for a touchdown by Sam Shields. He bounced back with a great second drive, capping it off with a 20-yard run on a crucial 3rd down and 8 play to tie up the score at 7-7.

The Packers went three-and-out on their first drive after attempting three passes -- two unsuccessfully -- but started running the ball on their second offensive possession. Harris was massive on the drive, picking up 36 yards on five carries, including a big first down on 3rd and 1 and a brilliant 18-yard touchdown run.

So far, this game is everything that everyone thought it would be. It's dead even, the offenses are explosive, and the defenses are making occasional big plays even though they're struggling to keep up.


Kaepernick answers with a TD

Colin Kaepernick has already made up for his terrible early pick-6. On the San Francisco 49ers' first drive following that interception returned for a touchdown by Sam Shields, they managed to march all the way down the field for a touchdown of their own, with Kaepernick punching in the score on a spectacular 20-yard run.

On a 3rd down and 8 play, with the Packers attempting to force the 49ers into a field goal attempt, San Francisco spread out their formation and went with an empty backfield. The Packers lined up in man-to-man coverage, with no one spying Kaepernick. He didn't even bother to look for his second passing option before taking off into a completely open middle of the field, then beat the defense with his speed en route to a simple touchdown.

It's not obvious whether Dom Capers made a mistake or someone blew an assignment, but there's no excuse for no one to be watching out for a potential QB run play on 3rd down and 8 while Kaepernick is under center. It's an inexcusable mistake.


Shields makes it 7-0

The Green Bay Packers are off to a dream start at Candlestick Park, thanks to an interception returned for a touchdown by Sam Shields. During his time as the San Francisco 49ers' starting quarterback, Colin Kaepernick hasn't looked the least bit rattled or out of his depth at any point, but his inexperience got the better of him on his first drive of the night on Saturday.

Some good coverage and great containment by C.J. Wilson on a 3rd down play forced Kaepernick to try to force a ball into Vernon Davis. Shields read the pass perfectly and jumped the route, picking off the Niners' QB. Kaepernick nearly made a tackle on Shields to save a touchdown, but the Packers' CB skipped over him and returned the ball 52 yards for a touchdown.

It's a great start for the Packers, but Kaepernick can only improve from here. He's not one to rattle easily.


Packers vs. 49ers: Game thread

Come and chat with APC while the Green Bay Packers take on the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL playoffs.


Donald Driver is active

Donald Driver is active for the Green Bay Packers, while Alex Green is a healthy scratch.


What caused Rodgers' average Week 1?

Vote in our poll and discuss what exactly contained Aaron Rodgers the first time he faced the 49ers.


Justin Smith's health key on Saturday

If Justin Smith is limited in any way, it could open things up for the Green Bay Packers.


K.I.S.S. The Past Goodbye

The San Francisco 49ers are not a complex team, but that does not make them easy to defeat. It’s going to take smart and tough football focusing on the little things in order to erase a week 1 defeat and advance to the next round of the playoffs.


Bookies stay taking money baths

Everyone still thinks that the 49ers are going to win by a field goal.


Holding The Line

The Packers continue to define their 2012 season with a rematch against the San Francisco 49ers. Can the Packers do a better job of playing in the trenches this time around? Or will Marshall Newhouse and company struggle to control the game again?


TV and radio info for Packers-Niners

The NFL playoffs resume on Saturday, with the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers playing the late game.


Niners' Injury Report: Can't Get Enough Probables

Didn't get enough "Probable" tags on the Packers' injury report? Well here are a bunch more, courtesy of the 49ers.


Packers' Game Statuses: Probables Everywhere!

You get probable status, and YOU get probable status, and YOU GET PROBABLE STATUS!!


Nelson, Cobb Limited in Practice, but Improving

Mike McCarthy continues to bring Packers fans good news on the health front this week.

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