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Vikings vs. Packers, 2013 NFL Playoffs: Game updates

All of our pre-game, in-game and post-game updates for the NFC Wild Card playoff game between the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers.

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Joe Webb, and when it's okay to coast

The Packers started coasting in the third quarter of their Wild Card game, which prompted some fans to call for a more complete and convincing performance. Why?


We'll see you next week

Joe Webb's legs couldn't make up for his deficiencies as a passer, as the Green Bay Packers defeated the Minnesota Vikings easily.


Packers pull away in 3rd quarter

At the end of the 3rd quarter, the Green Bay Packers lead the Minnesota Vikings, 24-3, and their NFC Wild Card contest is all but over. The Packers scored with their first drive of the third quarter, with John Kuhn punching in a short pass. Wayne Larrivee, the radio voice of the team, called it a dagger. If it wasn't actually a dagger, Sam Shields' interception of Joe Webb to close the quarter might have.

It's been an ugly game for Webb so far. He's 7-20 passing for 61 yards and a pick so far. He's been useful as a runner, picking up 60 yards on the ground, but he hasn't been able to throw the ball well enough to make up for that ... or to open things up for Adrian Peterson. The Vikings' best player is averaging just 3.6 yards per carry.

Could this have been a different game with Christian Ponder? Perhaps, but this is turning into an absolute whooping, and it's tough to see the Vikings winning a game in which the Packers play like this. Their defense has stepped up with Charles Woodson back at safety, and Aaron Rodgers has played virtually mistake-free football.


Vikings vs. Packers: Second half thread

Come join APC during the second half of the NFC Wild Card game between the Packers and Vikings.


Packers 17-3 Vikings: Halftime

The third installment of this season's series between the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings has been a bit different than the second. The Packers' offense has been effective, while the Vikings have been much less balanced with Joe Webb under center in place of Christian Ponder. Unfortunately for Minnesota, Adrian Peterson is not a one-man team, and the Packers lead 17-3 at halftime.

There were plenty of pre-game grumblings that Webb was so different than Ponder that the Vikings might have a slight advantage due to the element of surprise. That was certainly the case on their first drive, when Webb and Peterson both ran the ball effectively to set up a field goal, but Webb's one-dimensional game was quickly found out.

At halftime, Webb is 3-11 passing for 22, and has a QB rating of 39.6. Because of the two times he was sacked, the Vikings have six passing yards as a team. Peterson has been effective, carrying the ball 12 times for 48 yards, but the Vikings will need a truly dominant second half from him to get back into the game.

Aaron Rodgers has been his spectacular self, going 14-18 for 205 yards. He hasn't thrown a touchdown, however, thanks to his backs. DuJuan Harris scored Green Bay's first touchdown with a 9-yard run that was initially ruled down short of the line, but overturned and called a touchdown after a challenge by McCarthy. John Kuhn punched in the second at the end of a spectacular two-minute drill.

The story of the game so far is Webb. While the Vikings' pass defense could be better, 17 points in a half for the Packers is nothing ridiculous, especially considering their offense's inability to pick up 3rd down and medium. They'll need Webb to be competent in the second half, along with a dominant Peterson performance and an improved performance by their pass defense, to get back in the game.


Packers lead 7-3 after one quarter

While Joe Webb, Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota Vikings started strong with a drive down the field, followed by a stop, the Green Bay Packers have surged to life. They lead the Vikings at the end of the first quarter, 7-3, thanks to a lengthy touchdown drive at the end of the quarter.

The Vikings moved the ball into field goal range with their running game on their first drive, but their offense stalled the next time they got the ball. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers' running backs found their rhythm on their second drive, which went for 81 yards.

DuJuan Harris was the key player on the drive, carrying the ball 5 times for 22 yards and a touchdown. He was initially ruled down on his 9-yard touchdown scamper, but Mike McCarthy challenged that Harris had broken the plane before going down, and was successful. The drive's biggest play was a screen pass to Ryan Grant, which went for 25 yards to get the Packers into the red zone.

Webb closed the first quarter 1-3 passing for the Vikings. It appears that he's going to have to make some throws eventually, but who knows? Their running game and defense could keep the Vikings around, even if they have no passing offense.



Because the first Joe Webb GIF of the night wasn't enough, here is another, 10 times more amazing Joe Webb GIF.



I mean. Some of y'all thought he was better than Christian Ponder. Have you ever seen an NFL quarterback do that? Has Tim Tebow ever done that?


Vikings strike first

The Minnesota Vikings already have a 3-0 lead on the Green Bay Packers following their first drive, and they only ran one pass play. That one pass play featured Joe Webb getting happy feet when the pocket wasn't collapsing around him, then throwing a bouncepass on third down.



Early on, I have a question: Why even do that? Do the Vikings think they need to keep the Packers honest, or keep Webb's confidence up by calling passing plays? The Packers only showed that they can remain patient and make a tackle on one of the nine running plays the Vikings ran on their first drive. Because that one play came on 2nd down, forcing a 3rd and 7, they threw.

Really: Why not run an option play on 3rd and 7? The Packers aren't going to magically learn how to stop it the more you run it. With Webb in, it's not a gadget play, it's part of your offense.

Anyway, the Packers are going to need to score in this game, and they're going to need to force some obvious passing situations.


Vikings vs. Packers III: Game thread

Chat with Acme Packing Company as the Green Bay Packers host the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Wild Card round.


Driver and House out; Winfield active

Besides Christian Ponder, there are no surprises. Donald Driver and Davon House sit for the Packers, while Antoine Winfield is active for the Vikings.


Scott Green draws ref assignment

Scott Green is the man in the middle when the Vikings travel to Lambeau.


Gamblers like the Pack by more than a TD

Everyone likes the Packers to beat the Vikings by a little more than a touchdown.

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