Looking back at my predictions...

At the beginning of the season, I predicted the Packer's season (game by game) according to how I saw fit. I decided to take a look back at my predictions and see how I was doing. I predicted the Packers to be 3-1 as I was wrong about the Bengals game (although I definitely stand by what I said about Cincinnati). I decided to try and write a prediction each week comparing it to my original prediction.

Here is what I wrote about the Ravens game before the season:

Week 6 @ Baltimore Ravens- I think the Ravens defense will be really good, but I also think their offense will be mediocre. I’m not a big believer in Joe Flacco, and the loss of Boldin and Pitta will really hurt this offense. So another Packers win on the road? Actually, I think Mason Crosby misses a game winner and Ravens squeak out a victory. L 21-23 (3-2)

After watching 5 weeks of the NFL Season, here is my new prediction:

Week 6 @ Baltimore Ravens- Both teams are coming off of big wins. I definitely overestimated how good the Raven's defense is, and I think I pegged the offense just about right. That being said, Joe Flacco is really streaky and could carve up the Packer's secondary if Perry and Neal can't get to the QB. I expect CB Casey Hayward to return on defense and QB Aaron Rodgers to dominate a vulnerable Ravens secondary. It will be a tough game on the road, but Mason Crosby is 9-9 on the season. Instead of missing the game winner, I predict he hits the game winner and the Packers win a big one on the road. W 27-24 (3-2)

Finally, here are my updated end of season predictions.


1. Packers

2. Bears

3. Lions

4. Vikings

NFC Playoff Seedings AFC Playoff Seedings

1. New Orleans Saints 1. Denver Broncos

2. Seattle Seahawks 2. New England Patriots

3. Green Bay Packers 3. Indianapolis Colts

4. Dallas Cowboys 4. Cincinnati Bengals

5. San Fransisco 49'rs 5. Kansas City Chiefs

6. Chicago Bears 6. Houston Texans



3. Green Bay Packers vs. 6. Chicago Bears- Green Bay Packers

4.Dallas Cowboys vs. 5. San Francisco 49'rs- San Francisco 49'rs


3. Indianapolis Colts vs. 6. Houston Texans- Indianapolis Colts

4.Cincinnati Bengals vs. 5. Kansas City Chiefs- Kansas City Chiefs



1. New Orleans Saints vs. 5. San Francisco 49'rs- San Francisco 49'rs

2. Seattle Seahawks vs. 3 Green Bay Packers- Green Bay Packers


1.Denver Broncos vs. 5. Kansas City Chiefs- Denver Broncos

2. New England Patriots vs. 3. Indianapolis Colts - New England Patriots



3. Green Bay Packers vs. 5. San Francisco 49'rs- Green Bay Packers

1.Denver Broncos vs. 2. New England Patriots- New England Patriots


Green Bay Packers vs. New England Patriots


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