Sports illustrateds "footballs greatest" features many packers

In order to get our minds off the Rodgers issue, I decided to feature this. Sports illustrated is one of the few sports news I respect( I hate BR) so I decided to order a book know as "footballs greatest".

It is basically a book of top ten lists featuring topics like the top ten QBs, LBs, coaches, plays, game, etc voted on by unbiased writers. I strongly reccomend the book as it is a very good debate tool and has great descriptions about each topic and really shows off the history of pro football. It's more than just names in a list.

The packers were lucky enough to feature something in nearly every list. It should be pointed out that there are more picks outside the top ten that didn't make the final ten but received votes.

I will list the packers in the top ten but I reccomend people read the book for a more grand experience. Here's a link:

Quarterbacks: Brett Favre comes in at number nine ahead of Terry Bradshaw but behind Sammy Baugh and Dan Marino.

Running backs: None

Wide recievers: Don Hutson comes in at number two behind Jerry Rice and ahead of Randy Moss and Lance Altworth.

Tight ends: None

Offensive linemen: Forrest Gregg comes in at number three behind Anthony Munoz and John Hannah but ahead of Bruce Mathews and Mike Webster

Defensive lineman: The pack gets its first number one with Reggie White. White was ahead of Joe Greene and Deacon Jones.

Linebackers: Ray Nitschke takes the number eight spot ahead of Bronko Nagurski and Joe Schmidt and behind Chuck Bednarik and Mike Singletary.

Defensive backs: Charles Woodson takes the fifth spot behind Dick Lane and Rod Woodson but ahead of Ed Reed and Mel Blount.

Coaches: Of course Vince Lombardi is the number one ahead of Paul Brown and Bill Walsh.

Games: The "Ice Bowl" takes the third spot behind the 1981 AFC match( the epic in Miami) and the 1958 title game( The greatest game ever played).

Plays: None

Single Season teams: The 1962 packers took four behind the 1984 49ers and the 1972 dolphins. The 1966 packers took eight ahead of the 1991 redskins and 1978 steelers.

Stadiums: Lambeau field took number one ahead of Arrowhead stadium and Cowboys stadium( Jerry world).

Franchises: The packers took number one ahead of the steelers and cowboys.

Rivalries: Bears- Packers took number one ahead of steelers-ravens and chiefs-raiders.

Uniforms: Packers took number two behind the raiders.

Trades: The falcons trading of Brett Favre to the pack took five.

Undrafted: Willie Wood took three behind Kurt Warner and Dick Lane.

Sports illustrated covers: The shot of Jerry Kramer holding up Lombardi after Super Bowl II took seven and the Brett Favre shot in 2008 of him stepping up in the pocket in a blizzard took eight.

Ask questions and comments but please try out the book.

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