A look at the Walking Dead, your 2013 Green Bay Packers.

Injuries for the Packers this season can be described in three words




This 2013 Green Bay Packer campaing has been more "next man down" as opposed to "next man up" as has been our mantra for the past few years. We Packer fans have been used to the annual Clay Matthews hamstring injury (week 3-5) and such, but this year has been especially terrible for injuries in Green Bay.


That is the total amount of positions that have NOT been affected by injuries over the course of the season.

Josh Sitton has been a rock at LG

Jordy Nelson has somehow survived as our 1B WR

Tramon Williams has suited up at CB every game

AJ Hawk continues to prove he is the hellspawn of Rasputin by never leaving the field at MLB.

Mason Crosby has redeemed himself at kicker

Tim Masthay has proved to be one of the most underrated punters in the league.

That's it. Yes, I'm counting special teams positions as starters.

170 and counting

That is the total amount of games missed by Packers who were expected to be meaningful participants to the Green Bay 2013 campaign. That's a total of 10+ players missing the entire season. This is spread around 31 different players from every position from QB to Safety.


That is the lowest total amount of key contributers that the Packers have missed any given Sunday, and that was week 1. We're averaging about 11 players that could not suit up for the Packers any given week.


That is the amount of players on the IR. Cobb may come back, but he may be put on the permament IR if we're out of the hunt.

We can field a complete team based from our players that have missed at least one game over the course of the year.

QB - Rodgers (6 games and counting)

LOT - Bulaga (Season long IR)

LG - JC Tretter (promising rookie just taken off PUP)

OC - Dietrich-Smith (missed portions of about 4 games due to injury)

RG - Sherrod (#1 pick 2 years ago taken off PUP about 2 weeks ago)

ROT - Dan Barclay (missed several games)

RB1 - Eddie Lacy (2 games)

RB2 - DuJuan Harris (season long IR)

TE - Finley (IR since week 6-7)

WR1 - Cobb (IR Since week 5-6)

WR2 - James Jones (missed 3-4 games with a knee)

LDE - Jerel Worthy (#2 pick last year recently came off PUP)

NT - Jolly (missed 1 game and parts of others)

RDE - Datone Jones (this years #1 pick missed time early this year)

LOLB - Clay Matthews (4-5 games)

SILB - Brad Jones (3 or 4 games missed)

WILB - Rob Francois (on IR since around week 5-6)

ROLB - Nick Perry (4 or so games plus extra time)

CB - Shields (2-3 games)

CB - House (a few games earlier in the season)

Slot CB - Hayward (started season by missing first 4 games, played 4 games, placed on IR)

FS - Burnett (missed first 4 games)

SS - Richardson (missed first 10-11 games on PUP)

Imagine other teams with such problems. The Patriots have had key injuries, but I don't think they've been as systematically decimated as the Packers. The Cowboys have been hit hard on D-Line, but nothing compared to the Packers injuries this year. Imagine any team losing their best WR/TE/WR/LT and still have a chance at the playoffs. Not gonna happen. We should br proud of this team.

Then toss on top of that other nicks and injuries that have kept players from suiting up on various Sundays and those injuries that have affected the play of other injuries. The first week Matthews was back with the club on, for example, he was there, but he was so ineffective you could say he missed that game as well.

Win, lose, or draw, I can only hope that both teams this Sunday emerge with no new injuries to add to the long list of "next man down."

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