Tony Romo Leads Epic Game-Losing Drive

Packers Stun Cowboys, Come Back to Win 37-36

There was drama. There was intrigue. There was a head-on collision with a police motorcycle (seriously). But, most importantly, there was an epic comeback at Jerry World on Sunday night, as the Packers stunned the Cowboys, breathing life into their playoff hopes while deflating those of Dallas. The final score was 37-36, indicative of the kind of shoddy defense everyone expected. The journey to that final tally, however, was anything but as expected.

The Flying Flynn Show

Down 26-3 at the half, the Packers would go on to score 34 second half points thanks to their all-universe QB, Aaron Rod... wait, what? Matt Flynn?! Yes, it's true. Apparently unfit to so-much-as fold towels in Seattle, Oakland, and Buffalo, Matt Flynn added to his hot and cold—though increasingly special— resume by going 26/39 for 299 yards, 4 TD's and a pick, with a passer rating of 113.1. Flynn's 23 point comeback tied a team record, the second time he's left his watermark on the franchise annals. He also did something that neither Brett Favre nor Aaron Rodgers had ever done: Win a game in Dallas (Except, ahem, that one time).

1,000 Yards and It Feels So Good

RB Eddie Lacy also continued to showcase his manhood, punishing tacklers on his way to 141 yards on 21 carries (6.7 avg) and a goal line leap-frog for the go-ahead touchdown late in the fourth quarter. Eddie should be credited with igniting the spark in the second half that would lead to the team's record comeback. On the first play from scrimmage in the third quarter, Lacy shot through the gap for a 60 yard run that would set up a Flynn to Nelson touchdown pass. One more stat of note, Eddie Lacy has 1,028 rushing yards on the season with two games left, making him the first Packers rusher to have a 1,000 yard season since Ryan Grant in 2009. Not bad, rookie. Not bad...

Mr. Automatic

Not to go unnoticed, the increasingly automatic Mason Crosby absolutely drilled a 57 yarder in the first quarter. It's easy to gloss over these 3 points given the peaks and valleys that played out later on. But in a one point victory, every scoring plays is of note.

Defensive Turnaround or Classic Romo?

Whether the Packers defense stiffened up, or Cowboy's quarterback Tony Romo went into his usual second-half fetal position is up for debate, but this was definitely a tale of two halves. Dom Capers' defense is predicated on stopping the run and creating turnovers. The Packers seemed practically unwilling to tackle Dallas RB DeMarco Murray in the first half, but much like last week against Atlanta, they came out of halftime on a mission. With more pressure on Romo and the passing game, Green Bay's secondary was able to key in and come up with two critical picks in the fourth quarter. The first was nabbed by Sam Shield with just under 3 minutes to play, the Packers trailing 36-31. They would go on to score the go-ahead touchdown from there. Leading now 37-36 and with just under 90 seconds to play, Tramon Williams made an impossible play for the ball, intercepting Romo and there... was... your... dagger.

Now What?

The Packers are now 7-6-1, and can only sit in the cold tub and watch the Detroit Lions try to etch a narrow division lead tomorrow night against the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football. The Lions look to unseat the Bears, who beat the Browns today to claim the top slot in the Norse, a title that has been volleyed back and forth this year like a dirty, unwanted jock strap. But he

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