Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for December 2, 2013

Leon Halip

The Packers' QB talks about his possible return, while we try not to vomit while looking back at the team's performance on Thanksgiving Day.

It seems like ages ago that the Green Bay Packers played the Detroit Lions in the most painful performance in recent memory. Sadly, with another six days until the next game, we have little to do in the early part of this week but look back and try to figure out what direction the Packers can go from here. Technically, their playoff hopes are still alive, but it will take a miracle at this point to get them back on track.

In any case, try to enjoy today's curds, and check the final blurb for a discount on our t-shirts for Cyber Monday.

Mike McCarthy ponders changes to jumpstart the Packers - JSOnline
One change needs to be finding an identity on both sides of the ball.

Packers' T.J. Lang finds peace by lining up, making his dad proud - JSOnline
It eventually gets easier to deal with, but it never stops hurting. Play on, T.J.

Mike Neal's move to Packers linebacker aided by off-season diet - JSOnline
Just in case anybody's looking to take off a few pounds that they put on over Thanksgiving, you could always follow Neal's eating regimen.

"Chips Report" from Week 13 Packers Loss at Lions | Cheesehead TV
Looking back to Thursday's game isn't fun, but we need to do it sometime. Here's a look at the good and the bad from that game.

'I don't plan on playing 'til I'm 30' - ESPN Wisconsin
That's Aaron Rodgers talking about his recovery. His 30th birthday is today.

Scary movie - ESPN Wisconsin
I know I don't plan on re-watching Thursday's game. I wouldn't want to have to be a player this week and have to watch it either.

ReFocused: Packers @ Lions, Week 13 - Pro Football Focus
Ugh. Losing EDS was a death blow for the offensive line.

2014 NFL Draft order: Houston Texans at No. 1 -
The Packers currently sit at #16.

NFL playoff picture 2013: Seahawks and Saints will battle for NFC's top seed -
With Green Bay being a half-game behind Chicago and a game and a half behind Detroit, nothing short of winning out will get them to an NFC North title.

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