New Year's Resolutions

How many times do people actually follow through on their New Year’s resolutions? According to an article written on, only 8% actually reach their New Year’s resolutions goals. And the thing is, it’s usually the same goal for the same person every single year.

"I want to lose 100 lbs"

"I need to start my own business"

"I want to hit the weight room more"

And it only gets done 8% of the time. That’s getting close to the unemployment rate.

But why do people make New Year’s resolutions? They make them because they have a flaw that they want to change. They weigh too much, they don’t have enough money, when they look in the mirror they don’t have what they want, or what they believe that they need.

Eddie Lacey is an 8%, Andy Reid is an 8%, Luke Kuechly, Calvin Johnson, Russell Wilson are all an 8%.

At the end of each season each team looks in the mirror and makes their New Year’s resolution:

"We need a wide receiver"

"Our O-line needs to become better"

"We need a QB who can win us football games"

And just like New Year’s resolutions, not every team can obtain what they need to make that come true. Rex Ryan hasn’t drafted and developed an offensive superstar since he’s been there. Ever since Randy Moss, Bill Belichik has had problems finding an offensive weapon at Wide Receiver (Wes Welker is a slot, I’m talking about a go-to, big Wide Receiver who can stretch the field). The Vikings can’t seem to find a quarterback.

Now I’m not here to criticize these teams above. With each New Year’s resolution a team needs to make to become a winner, with each weakness, they have their strengths. New England has been good at obtaining great tight ends. The Jets have been known to find good defensive players. The Vikings have always had an above average defensive line, and they drafted AP and Toby.

For the longest time, the Packers couldn’t seem to draft and develop a running back. We got our 8%, I believe, in Eddie Lacey. Outside of Ryan Grant, the Packers didn’t have a running back over 800 yards since 2009. Our leading rusher the last two years combined for 1,042 rushing yards. Eddie Lacey already has 1,028 with two games left in the season.

So what is this year’s resolution for the Packers this season? What should/can we gain from this years free agent market, and draft?

Now of course the following is all theoretical. I understand that the Packers would not be able to draft some of these players, or even obtain them, this is almost like a Christmas wishlist. But two of the Packers New Year’s resolutions are as follows:

"We need a good Tight End."

Now I understand that Jermichael Finley might be able to return. Hopefully he does, but by that time the Packers might have to eat a big chunk of money to keep him. This year’s draft has two potential offensive weapons at the tight end position.

Eric Ebron

This 6’4’’, 245 lbs. monster out of North Carolina is an athletic freak. While he is coming out of the ACC that doesn’t really bother me. He is a fast, strong, athletic TE that can beat defenses with seams routes across the middle, and can be a real headache for the defense. I think he would be a great fit for the Packers.

Jace Amaro

Jace is more realistic to fall back to the Packers in the draft. He is 6’5’’ and 270 lbs, and played for Texas Tech. I really like him as an above average tight end in the league. Where he lacks the speed of an Ebron, he makes up for in his size and physicality.

"We could really use a safety."

When I look at the draft class for this year’s safeties, I’m just not a big fan. There just seems to me, not that much talent. With safeties, I’d rather look at the free agent market.

Deone Bucannon

Deone Bucannon is a big safety, with a lot of speed and talent. At Washington State he averaged 90 tackles a season and had 9 interceptions over his first 3 years. I think that you take a shot on this kid.

Jarious Byrd

No need to try explain to you how good this guy is, and how big of an asset to the Packers he would be. Just remember the last time we obtained a great defensive player out of free agency he was the soul of the Super Bowl champion defense.

The draft and free agency classes have loads of different opportunities for the Packers to follow through on their New Year's resolutions. The draft class is like a weight room, and free agency is like the diet plan. Let's hope the Packer's do better than the rest of America.

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